Friday, February 29, 2008

Nevada Reading Week

This week was Nevada Reading week. Taz and Cynjyn each had to do a "bag a book" project. Taz chose a book he'd just finished called "The Hideout". He really loved this book and Garry helped him make his bag. It's about a boy hiding out in a cabin in the woods, so we made the bag like a cabin and the roof opened to reveal the contents in the bag.
Cynjyn did "The Spooky Old Tree" Garry helped her make her bag like an old tree and it was filled with what else but a light, a rope and a stick! Course she has to put on her scared face for the picture. What a poser!!
Wednesday was turn off the electronics and read or spend time with your family. We turned everything off and played Splat, the Cynjyn wanted to play Murder in the Dark, so we got out the candles and did that, then we played Dominoes by candlelight and then the kids played with the candles for awhile (Garry and I joined in, still kids at heart). Oh yea, we had read earlier in the evening, so we did read too. It was very fun and the kids actually enjoyed not watching TV or playing video games. The next night, Taz even gave them up again to read! He's been reading his scriptures a lot lately and spent about 40 min. just reading them and marking some of his favorite scriptures. Go Taz, love that!!

Tanner's exciting news:

Thursday, Tanner got his top braces off!! No one at school noticed since he NEVER smiles! I made him smile B I G for this picture, and this is what I got. He'll possibly get the bottoms ones off next month. (PS, no one at school noticed because he NEVER smiles). Finally, today, Natalie (she's in his afternoon carpool) noticed:)

Can you see a difference?

So, I came home the other day looking like this and NO ONE noticed anything different about me. Do you notice the change?? Post a comment and I'll let you know the correct answer in a few days.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Spirit Week

Let me preface this entry by giving a little info. About 4 weeks ago, I said to Tanner, "You really need a hair cut this weekend." He blew me off two weekends in a row. Finally, I said, "Tanner, you really need a haircut this weekend." He then told me that spirit week was coming up and he really wanted to mowhawk his hair for crazy hair day and could he please hold off on the haircut until after crazy hair day!! So finally this was spirit week:
Day 1--pajama day (it comes with a story of course!)
We had gone to bed normally on Monday night, Garry didn't have to work Tuesday, so Talon got the car for seminary. I heard a paper sack crinkling early in the morning and was wondering why Talon was making himself a lunch since he NEVER takes lunch to school. I didn't think much of it because I was pretty tired. Then I heard the clomping of shoes coming into our bedroom and was wondering what Talon could possibly need. I asked and Tanner (to my surprise) answered saying he was doing his hair for school. I sat up, looked at the clock and it was 1:53 am!! I said, "Tanner, it's two o'clock in the morning!" He said, "It is?? Then why did my alarm go off?" I didn't know and he went back to bed, he'd already made his lunch and packed his backpack! Then I heard Talon get up and leave for seminary at 5:55 AM. Just a little bit later, I heard clomping in our room again, I looked at the clock thinking how fast the time had gone since Talon had left and Tanner gets up (He gets up at 7:15). I looked at my clock and it was 6:15 am. Garry said "What are you doing?" Again came the reply, "Doing my hair." I said "It's 6:15!" He actually argued with me and said "No it isn't!!" We convinced him it was and he huffed on up to bed once again. Finally at 7:25 am, I had to wake him up as he'd slept through his third alarm!!!
Day 2: Team jersey day (Eagles shirt and 49ers jacket)
Day 3: Crazy hair day!! (It took us 15 min. to do it!!)
Day 4: Schofield Middle school day (wore his PE shirt!)
Now it is heading into another weekend and he WILL be getting that hair cut!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Heather's in town!

It's always fun to see Heather and her family when they get a chance to come to Vegas. She spends way too much time with Linda though...spread the wealth!! I know it was Linda's birthday, but come on:)
We did have a luncheon at Linda's that was fun. Then the next day we all went to Spiderwick. Heather sat up with all the girls and I sat down with all the boys and Garry. Taz started out next to me, but Sean was howling that he was scared within the first 15 min. So he ended up by me clutching my arm the whole rest of the movie. Of course when it was over he declared that he loved it!
We took the boys home with us and Heather walked around the mall with the girls. Apparently, she bought Megan and Cynjyn matching slippers. The are cute and Cynjyn's hasn't taken them off much since she got them. Heather's leaving today.
Love three day weekends!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Top 5 Reasons I love my man:
5. He is very considerate and quick to help others in need.
4. He puts family before work
3. He has a testimony of the gospel
2. He is such a help around the house, always doing dishes, laundry, or picking up after the kids
and the number one reason I love my man...
1. Killer body and usually at least pretends he's listening!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Forgotten pictures

I forgot to post these on our Disneyland trip section. Always fun when you've been on a ride enough times to "pose" for the picture shot!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

We came home from church and made a totally non-healthy dinner of cheddar fries, onion rings, bacon, eggs and homemade chips and salsa. We ate in front of the TV and all started out together. Cynjyn ended upstairs playing Barbies, I took a nap, Taz played Zoo Tycoon, even though he is a die-hard Patriots fan, and Tanner played DS. I woke up during half time, came out and found Talon and Tiffany sound asleep!! Garry was the only die-hard. I had to console poor Taz after the ending, and the table didn't get cleaned up until today, (Monday) around noon!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth...

On Pirate island
Riding the Ferris Wheel
Walked right on!
The critters were out in CA Adventures.
We had such a fun time. It was rainy and cold and the lines were so short. We spent a lot of money on souveniers because we don't plan on going again for a long time. At times it was absolutly pouring rain, but, we had ponchos and umbrellas. The kids (Tanner, Taz and Cynjyn) rode Grizzly River Run the last day just before we left. They got more soaked from the rain almost than the ride. But we'd planned ahead and had dry clothes for them to change into and so they had a comfy ride home. We just had such a good time.

Disneyland January 24-27, 2008

Waiting in line for Finding Nemo. It was only a 25 min. wait, the shorteset we've ever seen the line.
Getting ready to board the Nemo sub.
Cynjyn's finally tall enough for California Screamin!! This was her FIRST time!!
This bunch was right inside the entrance. The purple mouse took quite aliking to Tanner and hooked up arms, kissed his cheek and made him kiss her cheek, she was quite the flirt and Tanner played a long beautifully. It was so funny.