Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twas the day before Halloween:

And all through the house, the creatures were sturring and hurring about.
Tanner was up at the crack of dawn and quickly turned into a dead hiker spawn.
Off to school he went for the day, and Garry stayed home from work to help, I do say.

The day started for Cynjyn as any typical day might, but soon enough she was turned into a fright. No Princesses or fairies for this little one, she'd rather be a zombie making everyone run!
There was never any doubt as to what Taz would be, as soon as he saw The Dark Knight, it was plain to see. He woke up pretty glum, but at soon as the make up was on, he was totally into the fun. He went around the house saying "Let's put a smile on your face!" Then off to school they did both race.

Halloween time comes around every year, and the memories and fun times we will always hold dear. So this is all I have left to say: Happy Halloween to all and to all a good day!

Had fun...

... Dressing up like this for preschool...

...and making these goodies at preschool...
LOVE Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last night...

...we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies...

...and google eye picture frames...

...with silly faces...

...and put it all together...

...for a Happy Halloween gift for Taz and Cynjyn's teachers!

Perfect teeth

Last week, Taz had his ortho appointment and recieved his newest thing. This is a face mask and he has to wear it at all times except to school and football. It is pulling his upper jaw out hopefully so it will correct his crossbite. He goes back in January to see it it's doing any good.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


We like movies. We anxiously anticipate the opening of Movies around our house, but we never go on opening day. We ALWAYS wait for a matinee, usually the Saturday after they open. We didn't go to any of the Harry Potters on opening day.
We didn't go to any of the Pirates on opening day.

We didn't go to Indiana Jones on opening day.

Even GARRY doesn't go to any of his beloved Comic Book movies on opening day.

I'm not even going to Twilight on opening day. (Although we are going the next day, Saturday with a bunch of other couples...CAN'T WAIT!)

Yet, I, a 43 yr. old woman was at the above movie on OPENING DAY! Taz and Cynjyn had been talking about it for weeks and knew exactly when it came out, so being the good mom that I am, we went, on opening day, to a matinee. I EVEN took them out of school 30 min. early to get to the 3:45 matinee. We went with a group of HSM3 "groupies", 5 kindergarteners, 2 preschoolers, 1 infant, 1 2nd grader, 5 5th graders, 1 8th grader, two "other graders" (I'm not sure what grade) and 5 moms. We took up a whole row. What I won't do for my KIDS (yes, we drug Tanner with us and MADE him go (wink wink)).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Treat Idea:

My cute friend Linda made these cute Halloween treats for our preschool today as her daughter had snack. I thought I'd do a quick post for anyone looking for something cute for classroom parties, neighbors, YW etc. (Yummy to eat too!)
You do recognize that it's the Wicked Witch all melted in the Wizard of Oz, right??

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Any Given Saturday

Saturday's at the Goon house are full of friends. It seems like everyone gravitates here. At one point yesterday Garry and I were definatly outnumbered. This was who was here at our house for most of the day: Becca Hopkins was here at 10:00 and stayed until 10:00 pm. Sean and Lawson Borla were here at 1:00 pm and Sean left at 7:30 for his soccer game while Lawson stayed until 9:15 when they came and got him after the soccer game. Jayden Bailey was here for about an hour from 4:30-5:30. Cora and Ethan Hopkins and Karlee Kennedy were here from around 4-6, went home while we had dinner and came back a half an hour later and stayed until 9:45 pm watching Clue. Hunter Witt came at 7:00 and stayed until 10:00 ish when his mom came to get them. Talon and Tiffany were here from 5;00 on when Tiff got off of work. She left at 8:30 because she just got a dog and had to go home to take care of it, so Talon was a little put out that she left so early, but survived by drowning his sorrows in his new Star Wars video game. Garry, Tanner and I played games during the afternoon while people played with Legos and swam and then most of the boys played video games and swam and watched that movie. It was a fun day for our kids and I'm glad they have such good friends who enjoy hanging out here in our crowded little house.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blogging help!

Anyone out there know how to get my text and stuff to center in the black middle strip? I've tried going into the html and changing it from center to left and back again and it just seems to stay in the same place.

I've been tagged...

PHS class of 1983:

DID YOU DATE SOMEONE FROM HIGH SCHOOL? Yes, Garry and I started dating our Jr. year, we "met" our sophomore year when we were both working at Taco Bell.

WHAT KIND OF CAR DID YOU DRIVE? A 1974 Chevy NOVA, yes you read that right! I came from a family who drove only HONDAS, but I got the ugly white NOVA with blue interior and an 8 track player!

WHAT WAS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT IN HIGH SCHOOL? One weekend, I gave Garry a ginormas hickey on his neck and the next Monday at school, my chemistry teacher teased me mercilessly, not only that day, but for MONTHS afterword!

WERE YOU A PARTY ANIMAL? Heck no! As a matter of fact, my best friend smoked and drank and took me to a "party" one time. When we got there, she announced to the whole room that I was a good mormon girl and forbid anyone to even think of offering me a drink or anything else!


WERE YOU IN BAND, ORCHESTRA, OR CHOIR? I was a band geek through and through. I started playing clarinet in 5th grade and when I got to high school, I was first chair clarinet in the concert band, I even played a solo my Sr. year. I played the Tenor saxophone in the marching band and the jazz band!

WERE YOU A NERD? I wasn't a nerd, I was just an average girl, defiantly not popular, but not a nerd either.

WERE YOU ON ANY VARSITY TEAMS? No, I played volleyball in high school, but I quit at the end of my sophomore year because i wanted to go to Mexico the next summer with the Spanish club, so I had to either continue in sports, or get a job!

DID YOU EVER GET SUSPENDED OR EXPELLED? No, no, no. I was a good girl.

CAN YOU SING THE FIGHT SONG? Nope, I don't remember it, but I can sing the BYU fight song, and since both of my sisters were cheerleaders, I'm sure I can call on them if ever I should need to regurgitate it.

WHO WERE YOUR FAVORITE TEACHERS? I can't remember names! I know I hated Mr. Shulz! I guess, my band teacher, Mr. Herbig was my favorite he was a quirky little man with a drinking problem!

WHERE DID YOU SIT DURING LUNCH? With Garry, Pat and Ben on a bench somewhere or in our class hall.

SCHOOL MASCOT? Pendleton High School Buckaroos...Go bucks!!

DID YOU GO TO THE HOMECOMING? WITH WHO? I never went to a homecoming dance, why waste money on that, I was never going to be on the court!

IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT ALL AGAIN, WOULD YOU? heck no, once was more than enough!

WHERE DID YOU GO ON SR. SKIP DAY? I seriously can't remember, but our favorite place to go when we did skip school was the local donut shop, Up with Donuts!

WERE YOU IN ANY CLUBS? Nope, no clubs. I marched to my own drum! I wore a dress almost every day my Sr. year just because I wanted to be different than everyone else. Blue jeans had just become popular, and everyone was wearing them, but I didn't want to be everyone, I wanted to be different! If there was such a thing as "goths" back then, that's what I would have been! I guess I was also in a video game club, because Garry and I and his friends Pat and Ben spent HOURS at the arcade playing Ms. Pacman, Galaga and Donkey Kong. Garry and I could make a quarter in the Ms. Pacman machine last at least two hours switching off playing every other level! I was also a reluctant member of the D & D club because Garry, Ben and Pat played it every weekend, all weekend!!!!


WHO WAS YOUR PROM DATE? I went with Garry my Jr. year and I had my cousin come down from Washington State come down and go with his best friend Pat. I went with Garry my Sr. year too, but we went just by ourselves because Pat had a girlfriend by then.

WHAT CLIQUES WERE YOU IN? See the above mentioned band paragraph and club paragraph!

O.K. I tag Mom, Ky, Kris (you really should start your own blog now that you're planning a wedding, but you can do this on moms), Donna and Heather and anyone else who reads this, especially if you're a relative!!

No time for blogging...

We've been busy here getting ready for one of our favorite holidays: HALLOWEEN!

Taz and Cynjyn really had fun putting the spider webs up all over the yard. It looked so good, then the wind came and the spider webs aren't as spread out as they used to be and have suffered from the wind, but is still feels like HALLOWEEN

I love putting up the decorations and getting the whole family in the mood. I'm proud to say that with the exception of the two little skull candle holders on the mantel, I made everything else!

We always bring down our beanie babies that we get at Disneyland because all the characters are "dressed up". They get a special place on my bench! We can't wait for the big day...Hope yours is SPOOKY!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tanner's "Party"

Tanner chose Olive Garden for his birthday dinner. We went Saturday night since his bday was on Sunday. Between conference sessions, he opened his presents. He got Wii fit, two computer games, Scene it Harry Potter and Scene it Pirates of the Carribean, shoes and a shirt, and $10.00 (from Taz)

We all looked so beautiful, but Talon and Tiffany wouldn't even pose for the camera because they hadn't gotten ready for the day. (The shoes and shirt were from them)
Tanner requested homemade Zupa soup for dinner and 4 layer dessert for his "cake" since he's not a big cake fan. After the second session of conference, we played Wii fit the rest of the night! FUN

Come Listen to a Prophets Voice

Cynjyn and Taz loved their conference packets this year. They had them all spread out on the floor with crayons and M & M's for their BINGO's They both had about 7 M & M's on their BINGO square just from the opening song and prayer in the first Saturday morning session.
Garry is updating boy scout stuff into and I am cutting out preschool stuff.

I really enjoyed conference this year and we were able to listen and watch three out of four sessions. Taz had a football game right during the 1:00 Sat. session, but we have it DVR'd!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tanner turns 14

So, Tanner was born to be his own person. My dad and sister were born on October 4th. I was due with Tanner on the 4th and went into labor that morning around 11:00 am. I finally went to the hospital around 11:00 pm. But alas, Tanner was born at 1:26 am, October 5th!! My sister knew that something was up because I always call her on her bday and I hadn't called yet. He wanted his own special day and he got it! Well, ever since then, he's walked to his own tune. He's so mellow and helpful, kind and Stoic. When he was young everyone would always try to get him to smile and he NEVER would crack one. So all the time now, we try to get him to smile and he's getting better at letting a smile slip. We LOVE you Tanner! Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday

Love you Dad!
Love you Krissy!