Monday, May 30, 2011

Memories of May

So much happened in May and our computer wasn't working through some of it, so I had to back track and play catch up for a whole month and a very long 31 day month at that. So, here I go: Memories of May

Mom, Dad, Ky, Kres and Beckham came up for a week to watch Tanner's last week of volleyball. They were able to go to two games and my end of year piano recital. It was a fun and busy week filled with volleyball, field trips to Ethel M's cactus garden, swimming and way to late nights playing games. We were all exhausted when they left, but the time together was so worth it. They arrived late Sunday night and Garry read them a bedtime story before bed. Piano recital time.

Volleyball games.

Wii just dance fun.

Lot's of little lizards to see at the cactus garden.

Too fast to catch though. (And a little to scared of them to really try hard!)

Game playing...Beckham was great with the Taboo buzzer!

Bonding time aplenty.

Swimming and sunburns to go around.

Movie watching.

Playing at the park.

After they left, we even had time to make a teacher appreciation gift for TA week.

Tanner's volleyball team had an end of year tournament where they took third place.

Cynjyn had an end of year choir performance.

We went to a production of Wizrard of Oz at the Henderson Pavillion for $10.00/person. It was really good.

Friends came over to swim when the weather was hot.

Taz got two awards at the end of school assembly.

He got academic excellence awards for science and math.

Tanner's ballroom dance grouped performed at Silverado's end of year dance recital.

That night, his car got a flat tire and he changed it all by himself, in the dark, in 30 minutes.
It happened to be the same night as our Father's and Son's outing, so only Garry and Taz went this year. Cynjyn and I hung out with Toni and Maggie Thatcher, we went to BJ's for dinner then came back to our house to make washer necklaces and bead bracelets. We also watched two episodes of Season 1 Psych. A fun night, but no pictures:(

Tanner had two big projects to do for AP History. He had to make a model of a labor assembly line, or something like that. He had fun chopping apart little plastic army men to make them look like assembly workers.

And he had to make a model of an old fashioned phone. Well, let's just say Garry made it, but we put Tanner's phone in it and it actually worked. You could talk through and hear from it.

Taz had a court of honor and got 7 merit badges.

The local weather man came to Cynjyn's class and took pictures and showed them on the local news the next morning. Here is a picture of the TV. Can you find her? She's in black.

Taz had an end of year band concert.

Tanner has officially bonded with the volleyball team and they are here at the house most weekends playing video games, football, and eating our food! Here they are leaving to go see Pirates 4.

Cynjyn, Tanner, Garry and I went to Old Navy Saturday for their Memorial Day sale and all got lots of stuff. Everything was on clearance and so Cynjyn and I wore our stuff to church yesterday. I got my two shirts for $2.50 each and Cynjyn's dress was $9.00.

All in all, we spent $130.00 and got about 20-25 items of clothing! Score for us. Taz was home asleep because he had been at the end of school leadership lockin and was up all night. He ended up coming home at 7 am and sleeping till 4:00pm. We looked for clothes for him, but found nothing in his size on sale.
And finally, I tried a co-op for produce where you pay $15.00 and pick up your stuff every Saturday morning. It was the first time I tried it with three other ladies in our ward and I got all this. I paid an extra $10.00 for 5 loaves of 9-grain bread which is absolutly YUMMY! I also paid $5.00 extra to go in a box of oranges with two other ladies. I was happy with what I got. I will probably do it again.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A wonderful Mother's Day

Once there was a very lucky mother, she had a wonderful husband who surprised her with a wonderful Mother's day gift that she had been wanting for a long time.

He was so wonderful that he promptly hung up her wonderful mother's day gift.

She loved how wonderful it looked on her wall.

This lucky mother has four wonderful children. She loves each of them dearly. Each one iss unique and wonderful in their own way. Her first child she loved dearly. He has had OCD since he was born, so...

she often wonders why his shoes outside his room are scattered, but that's just him!

She also wonders how his laundry can pile up so high it's a miracle he's not running around naked!

She loves him inspite of his crazy allergies. He always looks miserable this time of year and it shows!

Oh she realizes, this is why he's not running around naked...he has soooo much clothes it overflows his room!!!

She loves how he keeps his high school accomplishments as decorations around his room. He is such a good kid and she LOVES him so much. He is fun to talk to, he is competitive and loves to win. He wears his emotions on his sleeve for all to see. He is strong and caring.

Her second child is quite different from her oldest. He is quiet and helpful and mysterious.

He has LOVED racoons since he was little. He has amassed quite a collection of stuffed racoons.

He even collects little toy racoons. Just a few weeks ago, he stole one from his two year old cousin! (He also likes owls and turtles.)

He melts his mother's heart because he is her only child that likes to read for enjoyment. She loves talking books with him and suggesting new ones for him to read. He is proud of his accomplishments like earning his eagle. His room is full of displays of who he is. He doesn't say much, but they laugh a lot together and he sees what needs to be done to help her and does it.

Her third child, what a kid. He really loves her and is very affectionate. She loves his daily hugs and kisses good bye on his way to school and at night before bed. He is not afraid to show his affections in public. He is mischivious and moody. But she loves him so!

He clings to his childhood loves: his blankie, his dog and his scooby doo pillow that is so falling apart, he keeps it in a spiderman pillow case.

He still likes to play with pirates and knights and legos and fun boy stuff. He sets up elaborate scenes and plays all day.

He loves sports and is good at anything he tries. He is a natural and she can't wait to see how far that takes him. Her life would be so boring without him in it. He is a hard worker and very disciplined in his daily routines. What a great son he is.

Then there is her baby. The only girl. And such a girly girl she is. Loves feminine things like make up and clothes. She is so compassionate, kind and loving. She will be a great mom someday. She is inventive and curious.
Her room is a reflection of her girliness: Her make up vanity and a shelf full of makeup holders.

Her collection of snow globes on display.

Her collection of dolls.

And her beloved tea sets. She has loved them since she was a toddler.

Oh, she is a lucky lady and counts her blessings daily. This was truly a wonderful mother's day for her as she reflected on her five glorious blessings she is most proud of and grateful for.

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