Saturday, November 26, 2011

Projects here, projects there, projects everywhere

I swear, Taz and Cynjyn have had so many projects due this past month. Taz had 4 due within a two week period. We are tired of projects around here! One night after mutual, Taz stayed up frying wontons to take into a class because he had to bring a food from his background. 
He had to do a Spanish poster describing three people (him Tanner and Cynjyn).
He had to do a health poster...that's him which you can't see very well because of the glare.
He had to do an research an invention.  Plus, he had a suitcase project where he had to fill a suitcase with stuff from China and talk about that country his ancestors originated from. 
Cynjyn's class was doing a Native American unit and for xtra credit, they could make a pair of pants by hand.  We decided to have her do one.
She used yarn and a huge quilting needle since they'd just read Sign of the Beaver and the main character used a bone and twine to sew his pants.
They turned out pretty good and she did it in one night and was the only one in here class to make a pair.
She could also make Johnny Cake and bring it in.  Again, the only one to do that was her.
She signed up to do a primary talent show and was going to sing "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause".  She wanted to be a little girl (like giggle girl from Thriller) and so she decided to make herself some bloomers and a little girl dress.
We got the tutorial off Youtube for the bloomers.
And we took a size 8 dress and improvised a little to make it fit her for the little girl dress.  She chose an Eeyore pattern since she was going to sing with her stuffed Eeyore.
I think it turned out adorable and she did great at the talent show.
Her class was trying to collect 100 cans or boxed food to feed the hungry, so she scrounged up a dozen or so items to donate.
Crazy hat day found her with not one, two or three, but FIVE hats she wore.
And lastly, she had to do an indian shelter project and chose the pueblo.  We whipped it up in one night and it turned out great!
Whew, I think that covers it all.  If I never see another project sheet it will be too soon:)
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

It was the best day ever!

As Sponge Bob would say: "it is the best day ever!"

I am now the mom of three eagle scouts!  Well, almost, yesterday Taz had his Eagle Project.  We painted a map on Weiner Elementary School.  Garry, Taz and I started at 6:30 by loading and arriving at the school.  We measured and rolled out the stencil and chalked the states onto the blacktop.

At 8 am the crew started showing up.  Cynjyn and Becca were the first to arrive with Talon and Tanner who promptly left to go buy donuts for the crew.

Us women were the supervisors.  These are my besties.  I love these gals.  Linda, Karen, Jen and Toni!!  Thanks for coming and helping.
Here is his fearless scout leader Charles reaching a spot that needs touched up with a little help from Don.
Lawson, Levi, Emily, Becca and Cynjyn painting the Great Lakes.
We were done with the project mostly by 10 am.   A few of us stayed around till 11.  At 1:00, me, Garry and Taz went back and outlined the map in white.  It took us two hours to do that.

Cynjyn and Becca cheered us on.
And here is the finished project.

So, now Taz is done.  He is still only a Life scout though and must wait until February 8th before he can turn in the Eagle application.  He needs two more campouts and then he's DONE!! Yay!
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Here comes Halloween!

The decorations were put up!
Parties were attended!

Costume assembly began!

Paper mache dominated!

Festivities were attended!
Wigs were purchased!
Tuachan was wonderful!

Friends were made!

Enemies  were scary!

Actors were met!

Fun was had!

Trunks were treated!
Queens were beheaded!

Costumes were paraded!
Babies were done!
Prizes were won!
Make up was applied!
School was attended!

Stashes were eaten!
Supplies were replenised!

(the day after:  everything 2 for $1.00!!!!!)
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