Monday, February 27, 2012

Sadiesx2, gardens and Jungle Speed!

 Taz got the haircut I promised!  He even asked for it!!
 Tanner has been working for weeks in his Foods Production class in a Management team preparing for a yearly competition.  They had to design completly a restaurant.  They chose a healthy fast food.  Anyway, they've been meeting at 5:30 in the mornings and during class, on Saturday's and after school.  Well the 2 day competition was the 15 and 16th of February.  His group got second place.  They all got medals and a $750.00 scholarship if they go to a culinary college (a specific one).  He was pleased with their placing and all the effort, but he's really glad it's over!
 Sadies was Feb. 18th.  The girls had a full day planned.  They met at 8am for breakfast:  Waffles (Tanner isn't a fan of them), then they went hiking.  They got home about 2 and he came home and showered and rested until 4 when they met up again and we took picture at the park.  Heidi Phelon, Tanner, Natalie Leavit and Dallin Jenkins.  Afterwards they went to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant in Sam's Town that Natalie's mom works at, then to the Wax Museum, then Slurpees and chatting at the park and they were home by midnight.  He had a really good time.  And was glad it was heading into a 4 day weekend.

 Monday the 20th was my birthday.  So, Sunday night (the day before), Taz decided to make me cinnamon rolls.  I often ask him on Sunday's to make them, but he never does.  He did it all on his own.  I only set foot in the kitchen to take pictures. 
 Oh, my were they delicious!  They turned out to good and I had a dessert for my birthday!
 On Monday, we went to Mystere for my birthday.  I had wanted to do something with the whole family and this was the perfect excuse.  We went to the 9:30 pm showing since they had better seat choices and we didn't have work or school the next day.  We all loved it.
 The next day at mutual, I got flowers and a gift from one of the beehives.  Thanks!!  I got moccasins and Breaking Dawn from my family.
 On Tuesday, Taz had to have oral surgery.  He had a baby tooth extracted and a chain attached to the permanant tooth that wasn't coming down.  It was the same thing Cynjyn had last year, only Taz recovered within hours.  He missed football practice that night, but that was because we wouldn't let him go...he wanted to.
 His friend Sierra ordered him some custom made Vans shoes for Christmas and they finally came this week.  He loves them, but they are too small:(  He was determined to wear them for the week though hoping to stretch them out.  But you can't make them longer!
 Tanner's good friend Amanda had asked a boy to Sadies last November.  Last month he bailed on her due to swim team tryouts.  So she asked a boy from school.  Three days before Sadies, he bailed on her.  She was going with her friend from school and her boyfriend and they had to change the date to the week after Sadies because the boyfriend had to work on Sadies, or something like that.  Well, Tanner volunteered to go as her date at the last moment.  Well, guess what, the other couple bailed on her too.  So it ended up being just her and Tanner!  They met at 11:30 to take pictures at the park, then went ice skating, then to a buffet at Texas Station for dinner, then to the movie This Means War and then back to our house where we played Family Cranium and Jungle Speed!

 While Tanner was out partying, we decided to go to the Bellagio.  They had Chinese New Year up and I wanted to see it.  It was beautiful.  I wish the dragons would have been made of flowers though.

 That night, Taz had Andrew, Ryan, and Josh over and they ended up playing Jungle Speed.  Now, a few weeks ago, our good friends the Sawyers (Amanda's parents) had Garry and I over to play games.  They introduced us to Jungle Speed.  It was really fun and  we thought it would be a great game to add to our ever growing list.  So we bought it on Amazon (go there if you want to check it out).  I love that the boys were bored of video games and played JS all night.  It is a very competitive game and blood has been drawn and eyes have been poked. 
 All night they were in each other's faces and the competion was fierce.
 The boys left saying how great it was to play that game!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A day late and a $ short!

Happy Valentines day! This year I decided to do a 14 days of Valentines for my husband.  I gathered a bunch of goodies and made cute signs to go with them and each day I left one for him to find starting on the first of Feb.  They had silly sayings like:  "You're one Kool dude" ( on the kool-aid sipies), and "You're a Funyun to be around".  etc.  It was fun and I think he liked finding a surprise each day.
We found the idea for Cynjyn's on a blog and took the picture.  I searched and searched for valentine candy corns which was what was in the original picture, but couldn't find any anywhere, so I made some white chocolate popcorn with pink sprinkles and we attached that to the photo.
Tanner said I had to top last years (the you make me snicker valentine) because all his friends loved it.  I didn't know what or how, so we brainstormed and came up with this and attached red hots to the photo.
Here are the finished products.
Taz didn't want to make a lot to give to his friends, so I made him this one to give to his special valentine.  It says:  I've got my eyes on you!  And yes, he NEEDS a haircut, I just haven't had time!
Cynjyn wore her homemade shirt and wanted her hair curled to match a couple of her friends.  She looked adorable.

She wanted to make her own valentine outfit this year, so she got an old pair of jeans and a black shirt and spent an evening decorating them with paints.  She did an excellent job, but when she went to put the jeans on, they didn't fit.  She had found a really old pair!  She was bummed. She put the shirt on for the picture and then took it off because it was too itchy:(
She had to make a valentine holder for school and this is what she came up with. I love it!

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