Saturday, August 18, 2012

And then there were three

Eagle scouts that is. My personal goal of having all three of my son's become Eagle Scouts was acheived on August 5, 2012. Taz had his Court of Honor. He is officially the youngest scout in the Las Palmas ward to receive his Eagle.  Luckily, he had great examples from his two older brothers and was eager and ready to begin his scouting career.  That helped him get his Eagle so early.  He worked very hard at it and made it happen.  It even didn't take too much prodding from us to make it so.

Even though his Board of Review was earilier in the spring, we had decided to have his Court of Honor in August because that is when most of my family could be here for it.  His friend Lawson asked if he could join in with us and have a joint one.  It was great having the added help and ideas from his family.

Linda (his mom) made this awesome cake.  Lawson actually made the Eagles out of Sculpey clay.  It turned out so cute.  We had asked a friend of ours to make the cake, but she was pregnant and wasn't doing cakes so Linda said she'd do it.!  Love her.

We had a table set up with their Eagle pictures.  I took Taz's pictures myself and edited them.  I think they turned out great.  I'll show a few at the end.

Linda's mom and sister made some cookies, I made two batches of homemade ice cream (Peppermint and Coconut cherry chocolate chunk) and Garry made Salsa.

Lawson's dad is a fireman and so he had a few of his fellow firemen come and do the flag (John is second from left).

He also had a friend who played the bagpipes come for the flag ceremony.

His scout master Charles Thomas had just moved out of the ward about a month earlier, so he came back and talked.

Garry was the scout master before him and so he talked. (We had a slide show going during that)

My dad did a flag folding presentation.

Tanner and Talon folded the flag during that and presented it to Taz afterwards.

We had an Eagle's nest.

Then the awarding of the parents pins and Eagle to Taz.

And here they are with the Young Men's president, Dave Tanner being presented as the newest Eagles.

Here is a picture of my three Eagle son's, their Eagle Grandpa and Garry (No he isn't an Eagle Scout, but is very instrumental in them receiving theirs.)

Grandma and Grandpa with them...always supportive and making sure they try to attend all the important events in my children's lives.
Krissy, Clay, Ky, Kres and Beckham all made it up for this event.  They are the best and always supportive of my kids and me.  Love them!
And a family picture depicting a great night.

He even had an early birthday celebration and got his presents from Krissy and Grandma early.  Krissy painted him this Eagle.
Grandma got him three new model planes to work on.  He was so happy!
Here are some of the pictures I did from his shoot. I had been taking a photography class online in the spring and decided to give it a try. I think they turned out really good.

These below are my favorites!

And my top two favorites.

And my favorite, the one I choose for my wall.!
Great job Taz. We love you and are so very proud of you!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Is a great institution. I highly recommend it. I've been married as of today for 27 years to the man of my dreams. I love you!

Family's in town, let the fun begin!

So, my sister, brother in law and nephews brought back my kids at the end of July. They came back on the 26th and Tanner and Taz left on the 28th to head to Provo for Ballroom and Volleyball camp.  They had a great time and even got to see President Monson's house...a thrill for Taz.  Meanwhile back here we all had a blast.  We took them to Popped for frozen popcorn.  Clay liked it...

Kres liked it...

and Beckham tolerated it.
Taz got in one last playing session before he left.

We watched lots of DVD's and enjoyed watermelon.

Beckham and Kres were obsessed with Ninja and Beckham saw her drinking out of our bathroom faucet and decided to give it a try.

We played lots of volleyball and Talon shows up right after work, so he had his athletic neon socks on and put his work shoes back on to leave.  (I thought it was cute).

Cynjyn had a bump looked at on her leg and was NOT thrilled to be going.  Her pediatrition told her that it would probably have to be removed.  The wounds Dr. was a very nice elderly gentleman and told her it was nothing to worry about and if she didn't want it removed, she didn't have to have it removed.  She brightened right up and they were best buds by the time we left!

We went into Hancock Fabric and had fun with their decorations for Halloween,

and crazy hats and

fun hair.

At Excalibur, Cynjyn bought these glasses...too cute.

We took Clay (who had never seen it) and Beckham and Kres (who saw it a couple of years ago and didn't really remember it) to the Knight show.  Only me, Cynj and Grandma went.  Other family members opted to stay home rather than pay the money to see it for the umpteenth time.  But we sat in Ireland and didn't have the best seats, but had fun afterwards taking pictures.

The prince/King

The dragon knight...oooo scary!

Talon bonded with Beckham and

Kres even managing to get his workouts in with them.

And as usual...lots and lots of swimming. 

On Friday, the Thurston's took Cynjyn out with them on a day on the town.  They went to the Shark Reef and then to Rainforest Cafe for lunch.

The night after Tanner came back he got "forked" by some girls welcoming him home from his long summer absence.

We always have such a great time when family is in town. We packed a lot into our two weeks with them.