Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Cynjyn and I made rolls, Taz and Cynjyn broke up the slush punch and we had the Wikle family over for the big dinner. Afterwards, we played games and visited until 11:00 pm!!

The day continues...

Taz, Cynjyn and Garry got the turkey in the oven and they we set off for the ward turkey bowl. The youth against the elders and high priests, the old folks won 5 touchdowns to 4!!

Thanksgiving Day??

Well, the inevitable finally happened. Remeber last year in our Christmas letter, I said Garry was redoing our master bath?? Well, a year later, we finally got around to it. Taz took a shower one morning and leaned against the wall, and it just caved in. So, Thanksgiving morning, Garry started ripping it apart. So, that leads me to the first thing I'm thankful for...a handy man husband who thinks he can do anything!!

Yes, it is now Wednesday, almost a week later and I still can't shower in my new bathroom, but at least it's getting closer to that day!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A death in the family

Last weekend, we lost a "member" of the family. Talon's beloved cat Tookie died of old age. We knew he was on his way out by about Tuesday, and he died sometime Saturday morning. It was very hard on Talon. We got Tookie when Talon was about 2 years old, so he's never known life without him. He was a good cat and it is amazing how the loss of one little cat can really make the house feel so empty. We loved Tookie, but know he is better off now.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Halloween is an event for our family. We spend all month thinking about what we can be...We spend all weekend gathering supplies...We spend all day getting ready...We spend all night having FUN!!