Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blog Break

Hi, I'll be taking a break as I'm headed to Oregon for three weeks... then when I get back, I'll have a lot to post!!

Cynjyn's recital

Cynjyn's ballet recital was last night. This is why we stay in town so long, it's in July every
year:( This was her hip hop costume.

This was her ballet costume, she was Cinderella and her group did a dance with brooms.

These are some of her ballet friends: molly and jailyn. She did such a good job and is quite the dancer. She is the youngest in her hip hop group by about two years, but she kept up with them and did a fantastic job!

Tanner returns:

Tanner returned from scout camp to this: A breathing treatment because he had a bad asthma attack Thursday at camp after mountain biking and swimming all day. We dug out the breathing treatment we'd never had to use yet and showed him how to do it.

Cynjyn was his nurse.

Then...we sent him to BYU for a volleyball camp the very next day!!!
(With the breathing machine!)

Garry and he left Sunday morning and Garry showed him around and drove back the same day!!! We've gotten several texts that went like this:

Moms text: How was your first day?
Tanners reply: Good!
Mom: R U making friends?
Tanner: Yes!
Mom: Cynjyn wants to know your friends names.
Tanner: John, Travis, and others.
Mom: Cool
Tanner: Ya:)
Mom: Glad ur having fun, have a good night.
Tanner: K, by!

Oh, yes, he's a Waite man through and through, a man of few words.

Monday, July 21, 2008

24th of July Celebration

Really guys, it is July in Las Vegas, don't you think it would be better to "celebrate" the pioneers up at Mt. Charleston???

This is my second year doing an entry in the parade for the Tri-Stake Pioneer celebration. It is always so hot! This year our primary decided to do a "Buffalo Stampede". We had the kids choose to be buffalo, or pioneers. If they were Buffalo, they were to bring a scooter and we would have "horns" for them to wear. If they were a pioneer, they were to bring a giant squirt bottle. The buffalo were to stampede and head to the sides of the parade route so the pioneers could chase them and "shoot" them with their squirt bottles, thus getting the crowd in the process. Well, we were entry 21, so the kids were more interested in picking up candy they found on the road from the entries ahead of us that threw candy, than they were in following through with our stampede. Oh, well, we had fun and I got soaked from the kids practicing shooting!!

We stayed for the festivities where the highlight is when the fire truck comes and hoses down the whole park to cool everyone off!! Next year, we're going for a flat bed trailer ride!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Scout Camp

Tanner was the fastest boy to go up the wall! (from our troop)

12 boys + 3 leaders+ one campsite= FUN

They came up with a camp flag while they were there.

Yes, anyone who knows Garry, knows he was FREAKING out at having to pull the scout trailer all the way to Bear Lake with the Suburban. (He can barely even park the Suburban at Wal-Mart!)

The whole troop took archery and LOVED it.

Tqnner got enough points to get the merit badge. Unfortunatly for him, he's left eye dominant (like his Mom) and had a harder time siting, but he made it work!

Working on his Horsemanship Merit badge. Apparently he went through three horses before he could kick one hard enough to make it gallop! But he did earn the merit badge.

The beginning of the WALL!

The boys left for scout camp down in CA. Monday morning at 2:30 am!! Garry went down the first part of the week, Monday- Wednesday and then Shane Haycock took the later part of the week, Thur-Sat. Garry took a ton of pictures in those two short days. He came back and said the boys were having a blast and were sad that he was leaving, so that made him feel good. He was so organized, he had a folder for each boy with a map and a highlighted schedule of each of their classes, merit badge cards and notebook and pen for notes. He said there was quite a bear problem at camp, so they have "bear boxes" at each site where they can keep their "goodies". They can't even keep coolers out in the camp because the bears have come to recognize them!!

Garry said he had a little bit of trouble getting the boys to calm down and go to sleep the first few nights (yes, Kathy, if you're reading this, CHRIS is the main culprit, just reminds me of your blog where you talk about him "talking your ear off " all the way to CA!!), so he had to be the disciplinarian on that end. Anyway, Tanner's still there having a great time I assume. Garry had fun too and was a little sad to leave thinking he should have stayed the whole week.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


As you've noticed on my sidebar, I have a countdown to the release of Breaking Dawn. We just had book club last week and our book was The Host. (by the way, I liked it a lot). We all agreed that it wasn't the same as the Twilight series, but we all liked it. Anyway, of course we all got to talking about those vampires that we LOVE and we are all excited to get this book and start reading. I'll be hosting book club in September with the above book to be discussed. THE only bummer thing is that I'll be in Oregon when it arrives at my door and won't be back until the 16th of August:( I'll try so hard not to get on this:
website, or any other for that matter so I don't spoil the book for me. We have already decided that our December book club will be December 12th: Dinner and movie with our hubbies!! Don't ya just LOVE to read!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July at Boulder City

The sunset was gorgeous and I tried to get some pictures of it, but these just don't do it justice.

At dusk, the frogs come out. They are all over the place and so, of course, Taz caught one and the kids chased several others around.

As it started getting dark, we brought out the sparklers and a few fireworks that we had brought. We gatherred quite a crowd of onlookers enjoying our festivities.

Taz and Cynjyn entertained us with the pretzels for quite some time.

We got to BC about 6:00 and set up our "spot" on the grass. I took Taz and Cynjyn up to the water fountains and they got cooled down. We had brought a picnic dinner, a football, a volleyball, bocce ball, cards and books. Garry, Tanner, Taz and I played bocce ball while Cynjyn did cartwheels and played with her puppy she'd brought. The fireworks started at 9:00 and they were fantastic as usual. We had made ourselves a "patriotic" CD to listen to on the way there and back, so we were really in the mood and "Proud to be Americans". I truly am grateful for living in this free country and in this time. I know I couldn't have survived any other time in history!!

Red, White and Blue day at school

Last Thursday, just before the 4th of July, Taz and Cynjyn dressed up in R, W

& B for school. Cynjyn's school asked them to dress up specifically, but Taz just did it because Cynjyn was. We did up Cynjyn's hair. Taz is pointing to his socks because that is his white!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

More birthday pictures

Agent T

Agent C

Agent K

Agent G

Agent T


Assembling marshmellow guns (they got to keep them!!)

The alien shooting range

more dinner

Taz's Birthday..Wait a minute...

Just after earning their badges and glasses, before the big mission.

The end of the mission with their find...the SPACESHIP!!

Looking for clues

The autopsy

blowing out 10 candles, even though he's still 9 til August!

I always thought that having two children (Talon, Cynjyn) born in December, that their birthday's might always be a little less than others. It seems like birthdays might easily get lost in the Christmas busyness. Well, little did I know that Taz, my August birthday, would be the one always feeling left out. Every year for his birthday, we are in Oregon. I think he is the lucky one because we always get to have an extended family birthday for him and none of the other kids every get that. But alas, Taz wanted a "friends"birthday party. Well since we are going to be in Oregon again on his bday this year...we decided to throw him a party before school let out so he could easily invite friends from church and school.

He decided to have a "Men in Black" party since he had recently watched the movie for the first time. We did it on a Saturday evening 5-8 and had a blast!

When the kids first arrived, they hade to go through a rigorous training session to become men in black and earn their glasses and badges. This consisted of several events such as: Dexterity (picking up marbles with toes), strength (seeing who could throw the cotton ball the farthest), agility (seeing who could walk on a roll of packaging bubbles without popping any), aim, (assembling a marshmellow gun and shooting at aliens!)etc.
After they passed off all these, they got to eat dinner (a nacho bar, fruit and strawberry lemonade). Then they had to endure an alien autopsy blindfolded because it was sooooo top secret and they hadn't officially earned their badges yet. Then they got their badges and glasses and went on their first mission around the neighborhood looking for aliens. In the end, they found the space ship and their "goodies" and we wrapped it up with cake and presents. All in all, it was a success and Taz really had a good time!!