Thursday, August 17, 2017

A blessing and a birthday

We had a low key week leading up to the blessing mainly just hanging out at our house and swimming. Annalyn discovered our guitar and ukulele and went around dueting with anyone and everyone who would sing with her.
She had a ball with Cynjyn.
Jaxon made the rounds and met his new family.  Great Grandpa is still a baby whisperer.
Girly stuff with cousins is always a favorite past time.
These two....melt my heart.
Games and conversation is a must when they come.
Jaxon got loves from his great aunt Krissy.
They did their first family swim and first time in the pool for Jaxon.
Tanner loves babies and kids in general.
Jaxon and Beckham meet.
Annalyn gets a lift from her cousin Talon
We decided to have a birthday party for Annalyn way before we changed the date.  Her actual birthday is the 18th of June, but I had already been prepping, so we had it on the 24th. She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse club house and so it was themed after that. I still needed some help and everyone obliged.  Cynjyn drew and painted Minnie.
We played a matching game wtih Mickey heads as teams.
Pin the bow on Minnie

I turned my punch board into mickey faces with Disney prizes to be found.
She opened her gifts.
We got a few Nothing Bundt cakes and turned them into Minnie.
Her favorite part is being sung to and blowing out the candles and frosting, never too much frosting!
The next day was the blessing.  They did it at our ward since they were most comfortable there.  Carmen came.  We got a photo with her and then realized Dad was in the restroom, but Carmen had left, so we took more photos.'s great grandpa.
4 generations.

Sunday fun with leftover birthday stuff.

Beckham sleeping anywhere.

Jaxon and his great aunt Kylene
Jaxon and great grandma.

I am always and forever grateful for family support. I know it is a sacrifice for them to come all this way, but I really do appreciate it and love them all for everything they do to support us!

Graduation, and an elk story

Talon and Mikel decided to do Jaxon's blessing on Father's day this year. So my family booked their plane tickets and we were all set.  Then he found out he had to work at the Electric Daisy Carnival that weekend because they needed more police force there.  So thank goodness my family was able to change their flight plans and arrive the next week for his blessing on the 25th of June.   I had flown up to Boise to attend Trampis' graduation from Eastern Oregon University on June 17th since the date of the blessing had been changed.  Mom had a BBQ for him and Jess at her house. It was supposed to be outside, but it was rainy and cold, so we decided to do most of it inside.  Ky was in charge of decorations.  She did EOU's colors.  Mom put Ella to work to make a card box.

 Ky had a lot of her stuff leftover from Blue and Gold's, so that went perfect.  Trampis played football for EOU and Jess played soccer, hence the sports theme.

 Ky had literally taken every picture and decorations out of mom's living and dining room and put up photos of Tramp and Jess.

 She had made big posters with quotes of achieving things on them. 

 We did set up tables on the back porch and did a little decorating.  Mostly us family sat out there so the guests (mainly Jess's family) could be inside.

 Mom went all out with sliders, salads, fruit etc.  Trampis approved. 

 Jess's family brought a cake from Costco and mom made a rhubarb crisp. 

Saturday was graduation.  Us four went, dad stayed home with Annalyn.  It was fairly hot and we sat on the football field and could not see the speakers or graduates get their diplomas.  The main speaker was soooo boring and went on and on and on!

 We were sitting by Randy and Traci and they made Trampis run over after he got his diploma for pictures and then we left before the big rush. 
 Later that day we went up to Marley Creek and dad showed us where the cabin will be built. 
 I loved the sky and wide open field.
 It was beautiful for our quick trip to the fire pit area.

 Kres and Beckham had a great time looking for crawdad's but catching a lot of skippers instead.

 We went to see our elk on the way home.  We saw the big herd.

We noticed on the way down the lane that a calf had not been able to jump over the fence.  It was panicking and started running along the fence.  Dad thought he knew of an opening down the road, so we gently herded it along the fence with the truck.  It was nervous and running back and forth. 

 We finally got it to the end of the lane and made it turn the corner.

 It was so hard to direct it and it went right past the opening in the fence. It suddenly just stopped running and lay down in the tall grass trying to hide from us.  Ky and I got out of the truck and Ky stood upwind of the opening and I started walking towards it so that it would turn around and head to the opening.  It worked and last we saw, it was running off in the direction of the herd. Another elk story to add to our adventures.

 I sat on the stand by mom for church Sunday.  I always like to watch her play the organ.  I'm fascinated that real organists can play with their feet and don't have to look down at them!
 I got my licorice ice cream!
 Monday, we headed to Boise and all caught flights back to Las Vegas to begin our week of vacation there before the blessing.