Tuesday, January 1, 2019

September Little Things

This is what I want to remember about September:
Tanner...making dinner, playing and eating with Jaxon, just being a great human!

Marching band season in full swing...Cynjyn was section leader for flutes and did a tremendous job. She also made her senior crown early for senior sunrise.

Garry and I went to Journey and Def Leppard with Bryan and Toni Thatcher. It was really good and we loved every second of it!

Tanner figuring out that our can opener can cut the lid and have no sharp edges. Krissy use to have one like this and we thought it was a special made one,  nope...just a regular old can opener can do it! Also, Tanner and Cynjyn did a flute piano duet in the YSA ward when Garry and I spoke in that ward. I stayed and went to church with Cynjyn.

I have never had these cereals and they are only in the stores during fall. So I bought some.
I am almost done making Taz's t-shirt  quilt.
Selfie attempts!

I hosted a small group dinner at our house with people from the ward. We had the Osburns and Brother Danley come and Don Sawyer and his sister Renee. Then I invited Cheryl and Art White whom I minister to. We had ribs for dinner and side dishes and then after dinner we played Telestrations.

Cynjyn really wanted some peanut butter popcorn one Sunday and we didn't have any corn syrup. So she went down to Amelia's and borrowed some and made a double batch to take to them as a thank you. The pantry is stocked and ready to go for lunch making and one Sunday I was at church all by myself and feeling pretty low. I went through the whole church without a single person saying a word to me...but on a good note, I was having a good hair day and snapped a photo of that.

Up up and Away

September 11, 2017

We bought a hot air balloon ride on Groupon. We had tried to go three times and it was cancelled each time due to weather conditions, but his time it was a go. We had to  be there at 5:30 am and two balloons were going from the company we had. We got to ride in the rainbow balloon and Garry got to help with the set up. It was a beautiful day and we flew over by Talon and Mikel's house sort of. We got to go longer than the other balloon because our driver was looking for a place to land. He chose a street in a neighborhood and it was super scary. I thought we were going to crash into a stop sign...we did a little, but not too bad. The whole neighborhood was watching us. We were right by the model homes.  After we land they do little champagne ceremony and give you a certificate. It was an adventure and something to cross off the bucket list for sure.

Senior sunrise

September 7, 2018

Cynjyn had Senior Sunrise this year. She made her crown a few weeks in advance and was ready the morning it started.  She got some beautiful photos with Kaela, Norma and Vanessa and Christian, Sean Borla and dance team friends and some soccer friends. Here's to the start of my baby's senior year...I hope she enjoys it all!