Tuesday, July 17, 2018

It's always fun when company comes

April 7-15, 2018

Like I said before, our company was supposed to arrive before Jaxon's party, but due to the delay, they came after the party. We sure enjoyed our week with them though. We heated up the jacuzzi and enjoyed swims.  Cynjyn officially got asked to Prom by Eric with a Les Mis poster he made.  There were movies to be watched and popcorn to be eaten.  Me, Garry, Mom, Dad and Krissy made it to the temple to do a bunch of sealings.  Garry, Mom, Dad and I had been working on initiatory's and endowments last year and so we had a good group of names to do for sealings.  We made a trip to Pop n Roll for ice cream which Jaxon and Annalyn loved! We also made a stop at Freed's bakery for treats one day.  We played a lot of hand and foot and that silly mouth game which was pretty funny. We went to Fiesta buffet for dinner one night and made a lot of food at home. I had to speak in Stake Conference the Sunday they were here, so they all went to listen to my 6 min. talk.  Ky came later in the week. The real reason they were here, was for Cynjyn's dance show at Silverado. More to come on that.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Jaxon's Hundred Acre Wood Photo Shoot

I did a photo shoot for Jaxon's first birthday.Talon and Mikel had made the back drop stuff and brought him over and we took him out to the park by our house.  It was a beautiful day and he was super cute.  BUT...he was more interested in those honey pots than the cake he was supposed to smash!  It was funny, he would not leave them alone! But we were able to get some cute photos and I suppose it was a typical one year old photo session...precious to say the least!

Jaxon turns 1!

April 7, 2018 

Jaxon turned one on April 5.  Mikel and Talon had been planning a big Winnie the Pooh themed party for him.  Mikel's family flew into town for the event.  My family was coming in to go to Cynjyn's dance recital and all but Ky could come for early for the birthday party.  We were all so excited.  Then, at 3:30 in the morning, I got a text from Krissy saying their flight had been cancelled and they had to reschedule and wouldn't be arriving until after the party! We were all so sad, but happy that they could still get a flight on the same day.  Mikel and Talon put a lot of effort into the party and the themed food and decorations were adorable.  We basically just ate and visited.  I made a big pot of Swedish meatballs, commonly known as Hufalump droppings in Jaxon's hundred acre woods,  that Mikel asked me to bring. At the end of the party, Jaxon attempted to eat his birthday cake.