Saturday, June 8, 2019

April Little Things

This is what I want to remember from April: Beautiful sunsets, nap snuggles, Graduation announcement prep, Kitchen counter sitting, Taz and Jaxon working out, Easter nails, looking good, flowers for my dancer, trying a new Korean BBQ-Honey Pig, sweeping and mopping downstairs during conference on Saturday.

Taz eating noodles and watching TV, yummy zucchini lasagna, bonding over books and bubbles (he loves bubbles!), trying to be tall enough to reach the fan, playing new games, catching up on DVR shows, new shoes for Sunday, finding old Easter decorations in the garage, gluing them together and adding them to my stuff,

Lots of cars in front of the house, Taz trying to scoop a little ice cream, Jaxon enjoying ice cream cones, making strawberry bisque after not having it for years, watching the Easter videos each night, making subs for Valley of Fire, Cynjyn watching Shasta for Borla's, shadows on the walls and ceiling, Jaxon helping grandpa clean the ceiling fans, reading with grandpa, invites to prom, watching Game of Thrones last season together on Sunday nights, playing piano, and final school projects...and that's a wrap for April!

Jaxon cuteness for April

Here is the monthly addition to Jaxon's cuteness! He loves being outside! He loves putting on BIG shoes! He loves watching Puppy Dog Pals! His favorite spot in the whole house is on the kitchen counter!