Sunday, March 18, 2018

Jaxon February

Jaxon had to start wearing a helmet this month because he has a flat head.  His bones will fuse together at about a year and so he needs to fix this before then.  He has to wear it 22 hours/day.  It doesn't seem to bother him and he's adjusted well to it. He was having problems pooping, so he drinks water and a little bit of juice now from sippy cups.  He's a delight.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Sadie Hawkins

February 17, 2018

It looked like this year for Sadies, Cynjyn was going to go twice. She was planning a Sadies with friends from Silverado and then a Sadies with friends from church.  The school group was going first and they were going over the long weekend because that was the only day they all four had free.  She was going with Eric and he is into Star Wars, so she made an epic Star Wars sign for the invite. Kaela was over that day too making her invite for Christian.

They met me at a park to take photos at noon, then they went to Mt Charleston for a hike, then to Chili's for dinner and then they went to the rock climbing center for about 3 hours. They had a great day even though it had a rough start because Eric ended up having a physical at 9:30 am and they had planned on leaving at 8:30 am, but it all worked out.

20 year's of Service

February 23, 2018

Tonight was Garry's Arcata Appreciation dinner.  He was being rewarded for his 20 years of service to the company.  They always give the 20 year employees a gift from Tiffany's.  So back in December, they sent us a link and we picked out stuff worth $250.  Lucky for me, nothing appealed to Garry, so I got to pick out a necklace and a Christmas ornament, the necklace being $200 and the ornament $50.  The company CEO, Tim Wong is always so friendly and comes to say hi every year.  He's a great guy and he presented the award to Garry. His friend Ron Able and Mary Apple were also receiving service awards Ron for 20 and Mary for 30, so we got to sit at the table with Tim and his wife and Mary and Ron and their spouses. The fourth picture down is of all the employees present who had previously won Employee of the year all posing with the newest Employee of the year.  It's always a fun night with a nice dinner and a lot of raffles and this year we finally won one of the raffles after a 2 year dry spell of not winning. It was a $50 gift card to Amazon.

A long week/weekend

February 9-20, 2018

We had quite a week with Valentine's day and my birthday kind of coinciding.  I got Taz's Valentine box ready and mailed to him a few weeks ahead of Valentine's Day.  I got my decor assembled and up and Garry and I even managed our first trip of the year to the temple the day before Valentine's Day.  I was on the ball and got everyone gifts and had them assembled early and ready to go.  I got Talon and Mikel sparkling cider, cups and a gift card to Olive Garden and Jaxon a little stack toy. We got Tanner and Cynjyn their favorite treats and stuffed animals that look cute and cuddly and then you squeeze their necks and they turn ferocious looking.  I got Garry an Echo Dot from Amazon, having Andrea order it for me so he wouldn't know about it. I didn't have to watch Jaxon that day because Talon had it off, but I went over to visit them and take them their gifts. 

 We had a long weekend off school that week too, so we celebrated my birthday all weekend kind of.  Rob, Jodi and Randy came into town the weekend before so we went to dinner at Claim Jumper and I got my free birthday treat which I let Randy and Tanner eat. Randy was here for a conference and he spent the night with us on Saturday, after he, Rob and Jodi went to Carrot Top.  So Sunday morning I got up and fixed him breakfast before he headed back to Oregon. Then on Presidents Day, we did our Groupon at the Escape room. Mikel went with us and Talon stayed home with Jaxon, then we met at Freddy's for my birthday lunch. 

February 9-11, 2018

 February 19, 2018