Monday, September 18, 2017

Catherine Creek

We did a few of our favorite things while in LG. One of them is Catherine Creek. Even though I had my two non creekers with we, we still enjoy the park and we are usually the only ones there.This was my summer for Boomerang photos and I love that app. Here Tanner and I are preparing to do one.

We like a photo taken from the bridge overlooking us.

Cynjyn was not feeling the water this time.
But she did enjoy an improptu photo with Remy
The rock photo
Now, Annalyn loves the water, I mean LOVES it.  She could stay in there all day and into tomorrow.
I am slowly but surley trying to get more of me in the photos.
A tree had fallen over across the river, so Cynjyn and I took a trip over there to take some photos.

She loved this big tangled tree. She tried to climb it, but it was very difficult, so she settled for a photo inside it.

Annalyn discovered the pleasure of dropping rocks off the bridge into the creek.

Like I said, we enjoy the sitting and visiting and cooler temps and just relaxing in the great outdoors.

Cynjyn still loves her rocks! This trip she only brought three home.  This one she made a nest to protect it until it was time to go.
Remy loved it there too
And somehow she got tuckered out and slept all the way home!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

La Grande Summer Part 2

We made it to La Grande. I love the little things about La Grande and country life...these photos are the little things of summer in La Grande.
We were walking into the house one day and Cynjyn spotted a snake right by the garage.  It seemed to have taken root there in the front because we saw it a few days later too, this time by the front porch and later by the flower pots, this did not make Grandma happy!

We love when Grandpa takes everyone to dinner at some of our favorite local spots.  This night we drove to Haines and ate at the steakhouse.  Cynjyn was on this horse with Annalyn and the owner said to her, that has an 80 lbs weight limit, but you're close enough!

We were scheduled to play a piano, flute, clarinet, organ quartet in mom's Sacrament meeting, so we went to the church one morning to practice.  Mom stayed after to practice the organ for Sac. meeting, so Cynjyn and I decided to walk home.  There were so many little butterflies in the alfalfa fields.  One had gotten onto the highway and wasn't doing too well. Cynjyn tried to rescue it and put it back in the field.
What would summer be without a trip to Houghts for ice cream?

Specifically LICORICE ice cream for me!

 Cynjyn and I went down to Crazy dayz.  It was just the two of us and all we bought was a fidget spinner for her!

I had never been to Morgan Lake even though it is about a 5 min. drive from the top of the hill in LG.  So we talked Trampis into taking us there one afternoon. 

We hiked down to a little dock and tried to skip rocks...epic fail on my part.




Cynjyn thought I looked ridiculous in Grandpa's hat, but I didn't not want to risk getting a tick!

Mom got us tickets to the Historic Elgin Opera House to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  It was so good and so fun.  We were in the front row literally up next to the stage, we could have put our feet up on it and used it for a footstool.  But we couldn't get 7 tickets together, so the four of us sat on one side and mom and dad sat on the other side. Krissy and Annalyn stayed home because she didn't thing Annalyn would make it through the play.
You can barely see dad over on Cynjyn's right.

Cynjyn had never seen or tasted rhubarb.  So Trampis had some growing in his  back yard and brought it over and mom made a crisp for our dessert one night.
We had heard of a few bakeries in town and wanted to try them.  Krissy was particularly interested in one that featured cupcakes.  So we bought a bunch and cut them into fourths and shared them.  We got a banana one, a cream puff, a German chocolate one a mint chocolate, a red velvet, a strawberry and then Krissy got a cheesecake.  Of all of them, I loved the cheesecake.  The crust was so crunchy and delicious!

Randy had a football camp for a week at Eastern, so we got to watch Remy.  She is adorable and really bonded with me and would sleep with me at night.  She also liked Tanner and Cynjyn...more photos with her will appear in our adventure posts coming up.

I love beautiful summer nights and especially stormy ones.

Sadly, photos usually don't do justice to the sky.  Never the less, I wanted a photo with me in it.

Krissy bought a new bike and so Cynjyn was trying it out.
Back to the summer sky...

Sooooooo in love with it!!!

Taste the rainbow!

Feeding and visiting the horses is always a must when we are there.

Two farm girls heading into the sunset!

Those of us who don't want to feed the horses get the pleasure of watching from the porch.

Remy love
Tanner started working on his halloween costume while we were there.  He's making his cape.
Somehow a bird got into the mudroom??
We took a drive to Cove one evening to check out their ice cream and I say cattails along the side of the road and stopped and made Tanner and Cynjyn go get one for Annalyn to experience...

 The ice cream did not disappoint.  I believe these were mediums and we could have got up to XL.  They had vanilla and peach and peach/vanilla swirl.  I had the swirl, Cynjyn had the vanilla, they looked exactly the same. Yummy!

I so love walking in the cemeteries there in LG.

I go a little crazy with taking photos, but nature is just so cool and beautiful!

Alas, our time was short and I enjoyed one last sunset before we headed back to Boise. 
I was frying chicken for our picnic to Marley Creek and I burned my finger and got a huge blister!