Friday, January 17, 2014

January? I didn't even finish December!

Christmas came and went and we did nothing but party after it was over.  We played games nonstop.  Even Cynjyn played more games than I've ever seen her play!  Here are her and Becca playing Escape with Tanner and Talon. 
We had to have one good Settler's game before Tanner left!

Garry and I make a good team.  I see something I want to do on a blog and he makes a pattern for me and then I make it. 
I wanted to do this snowman for singing time the last week of December and so he made up the pattern and I cut and assembled it out of glitter paper.
I made myself three bracelets and two pairs of earrings one night during break while we watched a movie.

Tanner got glittered after all as he helped me take down my Christmas decor.

The boxes sat in the hall way for a few days until Garry could get to them.

We took the tower of treats that Mikel's grandmother had given us to the Shafers for New Years Eve fun.

Tanner and Cynjyn happily went to Goodwill with us during the break.

We treated ourselves to Wendy's afterwards.

New Years Eve we made mini pizza's.  Cynjyn and Becca were at Sister Oylers with the beehives doing the same thing. 

That is why there is no picture of her and I together on NYE.  We took this during dinner.

Midnight was celebrated at the Shafer's.  We went outside and banged pots and looked for fireworks and drank sparkling cider and kissed.
Tanner had gone with us and we played games with Jay and Andrea.  Taz was at the Pappas' and Cynjyn and Becca were home alone.
We left them with a bottle of sparkling grape juice and they toasted.
And built a fort and had a great time.

I'm pretty sure Becca stayed over here for three days.  Taz had his friends over for a double sleepover too.  One night they went in the hot tub and then they got too hot.

So the crazies jumped into the like 30 degree pool!!
This is a random picture of Cynjyn from my recital.  Boy o boy do those kids love the little smokies that I serve.  Almost every kids plate looks like this as they go through.

Back to the sleepover.  Cynjyn, Becca, Markus, Charlie, Andrew, Ryan, Michael and Taz had a great time together.  They played so many games.  Curses and Spot it and Jungle speed are favorites.  They also played a lot of ping pong and a massive game of hide and go seek in the dark from midnight until 2am. 

I feed them all enchiladas one night for dinner and the kids outweighed the adults, so we let them have the table.

We took the island.

Ryan and Andrew stayed an extra night because they were in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament with Taz at the church.  They grilled chicken for us that night and boy was it yummy.

Cynjyn gave Tanner one last hug before she went to bed because his plane was leaving early the next morning and she wouldn't be up.

I took one last picture with him before bed.

After break it was back to the grind.  I started the year off healthy by making me a quinoa, corn, black bean and orange pepper salad to take to lunch for the week.  I had a grilled chicken breast with it each day and it was delicious.

Cynjyn kept putting my scarf on and saying ho ho ho, so I finally took a picture after she put on my red coat and hat.

This first week back to school the choir kids were working on a project where they could pick out a song and perform it together in small groups.  They could use props if they wanted.  I spent the week helping groups pick out songs.  The kids were surpised I knew so many and had so many on my playlist.  I picked out What the Fox Say for a group of two boys.  They wanted fox ears, so I went home and whipped these up for them.  They were so excited, but then they added a third boy to their group and he wouldn't do that song.  I was sad.  But then they talked him into it and so I made a third mask and they did a great job!
And that is how January started. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wreckingball The Goon Way

This is how we spent our winter break!  Tanner had made a video on Senior ditch day and I liked it so much that I wanted to do one forever.  So then, Cynjyn and her friends had Tanner help them make one when Bethany was moving.  Then I really wanted to make one.  So I told everyone when Tanner came home from break that was what we were going to do.  The hardest part was coming up with a song.  Tanner and Cynjyn brainstormed and came up with this song because Tanner thought a paint war would be perfect for it.  So then we all came up with scenarios and worked on it a couple of different days during the break and this is what we came up with.  Tanner's mad editing skills were put to work and this is the final product.  Hope you enjoy our "spoof" of Wrecking Ball.