Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Forgot some things

I forgot that Garry and I decided to get a new bed! It has been 20 years at least since we bought a new mattress. 
We have it on cinder blocks so we can store stuff under it.  We got it at RC Willey and we got a free 32 in TV with it. 
It is so high on the blocks that I have to use the stepladder to get on it!  But it is fun having a new bed.
We had a ward picnic a few weekends ago up Lee Canyon.  Brent Davis, Bishop Holland and Garry BBQed the burgers and hotdogs for us all. 
Taz helped them the whole time and was rewarded with a burger full of PICKLES!
Cynjyn sat with all her friends (Bethany, Maggie, Alexa her and Danielle).  They were crazy and silly as girls that age should be.
Tanner and I sat across from them and were very amused all through dinner!
Tanner organized a triple date with his friends Gavin and Cody.  They decided to do a wacky dinner where each couple got $4.00 and they drew an assignment out of a bowl before they left.  Gavin and Amanda were assigned appetizer.  They all went to WalMart with their money and as couples had to find something $4.00 or under to feed them their three course meal.  G and A got chips and dip to start the meal off with.
Tanner and Madison were assigned the main course and they chose fettucinni alfredo and they bought some sausage to put in it.  I told Tanner to get pictures that night and they only took two of him and Madison and her eyes were closed in both of the pictures!!  UGH!
Cody and Natalie got dessert and they mixed some strawberries in some cool whip and put it on those little shortcake cakes.  I think they all had fun.  They then played a "how well do you know your date" game where each couple came up with questions and then they each had to answer what they thought their date would say.  Then they went to Town Square and played Hide and go Seek and then came back here and watched Tangled.  It was Gavin's first date and I think they all had a great time.
And that's what's been happening here in our neck of the woods lately. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

New to us!

A few weeks ago, our neighbor across the street announced she may be moving. She was selling all her stuff and wanted to know if we knew anyone that was interested in buying some appliances. We went over and looked and bought her refridgerator and stove.  Here is our old one that has been through a lot!  Garry has fixed it multiple times and most of the bins are duct taped together.
Here is the new.  The ice and water dispensers actually work!
Tanner helped me clean out the old one bless his heart!!
Taz was very excited to move into Talon's old room.  He had painted these model planes last year in Oregon that Grandma gave him for his bday.  They have been sitting on his shelf patiently waiting for him to get his own room.  They were the first things he moved into the new room.
We hung them from the ceiling with some fishing line and he was so pleased with the outcome.

Did I mention that the new fridge and stove are stainless steele.  The look nice and we are loving the new stove which can be a regular oven or a convection oven and it has 5 burners.  New for us. 
Taz bought a desk from our neighbor for his new room.  It was on the smaller side and perfect for what he wanted.
He asked Garry to attach the top bunk to his bed, that way when his friends sleep over, he has room for them and we have an extra bed for company (ie: Kres!!)
He didn't want the closet doors back on even though Garry really tried to convince him to let him put them on.  I think the rooms looks bigger without them!
In the meantime, we are still trying to buy a bigger home and if we find one, we will rent this one out.  So, we are keeping the old stove and fridge in the garage so we can rent with appliances.  Good thing Taz has his own room now since the garage has been taken over and turned into storage again.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A little chick flew the coop

I love this son of mine. He is kind, considerate, funny, compassionate, hard-working, fun to be around...just an all around great guy. 
He is 22, works full time and goes to school.  Well, finally the inevitable happened.  Three of his friends asked him to move into a rented house with them.  RJ, Paul and Jordan had been living together in an apartment.  They wanted to take advantage of the renters market and get a house to rent together.  So they hunted for a few weeks (Their lease was up May 31 and they HAD to find a new place and be out).  They found a four bedroom, LR, FR, office, 3 bathrooms house.  It isn't too far away, just down Blue Diamond.   So, he packed up...
Loaded stuff into the Suburban and Jordan's truck...
And flew the coop.  This is his new front door!  He took us for a tour the day they started moving in. 
The water and electricity hadn't been turned on yet, so it was hot and kinda dark, but this is his new room.  Paul got the master, Talon and RJ get to park in the garage, Talon gets his own bathroom, but it is downstairs and his room is upstairs. Jordan gets the upstairs extra closets and Talon gets the downstairs extra closet. 
Garry and Cynjyn liked the Love Sack in the Family Room.  We haven't been back since they got settled in.  Talon wants to get completly in before he has us back.  But be asured when that happens, I will post pictures.  The night before he moved out he was getting second thoughts and he told me that he was only going to do this for the year of their lease and then he was coming back home because he missed us already!  He does still come home everyday for lunch from work because we are a lot closer to his work and he comes over on Sundays and Wednesdays for dinner, so it's not like we don't ever see him!  But it's still weird to not having him coming in and out at all hours.  Love you Talon...spread your wings and FLY!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where did the time go?

I can't believe it is the end of the school year already! Believe me, I am so glad to be done with school and so glad it is summer!  These are a few of the events that took place the last month of school:

Preschool ended.  I had 5 kids this year and it was a good group as in they got along for the most part.  I had a little graduation party the last half hour.  I had leftover treats from my piano recital, sugar cookies with fresh raspberries and cake pops that I turned into graduation hats.
Kyler, Annie, Megan, Abby and Kaden will be missed but they will all do great in Kindergarten!
They got me these beautiful flowers and some gift cards which I so appreciated!

Taz. He is so hard on his stuff.  A couple of weeks before the end of school he came home with his Converse looking like this.  They had completly ripped out.  Of course that shouldn't surprise me since his binder and backpack had been ripped and duct tapped for a few months.  I kept asking him if he wanted new ones, but he said no, he could wait until the end of the year.  But that was not the case with shoes.
The kids all got their yearbooks a week or so before school was out, this is how I found Taz looking through his.
They had an end of year awards ceremony and Taz got a gold presidential award which was given to those 8th graders who had kept their GPA's above 3.75 all three years of Middle School.  Here he is with his good friends (Twins) Andrew and Ryan Pappas.

These five boys played on the same tackle football team this past spring and they all became great friends.  Andrew, Michael, Taz, Patrick and Ryan.  And below that is Taz with Hansen, Mr. Nekoba and Lawson at their final 8th grade band concert. 

I sent Cynjyn to school with her camera the last week.  I told her to get a picture of her on the bus on her last day of ever having to ride the bus home from school.  So there she is with her good friend Kaylie who live a few houses down the street from us.  And below she is with Mrs. Hartman.  She so loved her class and teacher this year.  She had a very tearful last week.
Her 5th grade class was picked to put on a play for the whole 5th grade.  They were going to do Snow White.  The whole class worked on writing the play, making the scenery and practicing and performing.  Cynjyn was chosen to play Snow White.  Boy was she excited.  The whole play lasted about 15 min. and they did such a cute job on it. 
It was very humorus.  Here she is with Prince Charming.
A "dead" SW below.
SW getting "water" poured on her!
And the romance of hugging PC after he awakens her!
She was so proud of herself and she did an amazing job!

All 5th graders had to do a State project towards the end of year and of course she picked Oregon.  We had done this for Tanner and Taz and had a song all written for it and she performed it in front of the class and got an A of course.  Below she is bringing some geodes to show the class.

At the end of year assembly she got the A/B honor roll and out of 6-7 5th grade classes, only 6 5th graders received the Great American Award.  She was one of them.  She had to say the Capitols and States in alphabetical order, all the presidents in order of term served, recite the Gettysburg address, the preamble, the Star Spangled Banner and write the Pledge of Allegience with correct spelling and punctuation.  She was so proud of herself and was the only member in her class to get the award.
Another great ending to a great school year.  Now I have no more Elementary children!!