Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rain in Vegas!

I LOVE it when it rains here. We don't get rain that often, as a matter of fact this weekend was probably our first real rainfall of the year. I was coming out of Wal-Mart at the peak of the rain storm and slowly walked to my car enjoying every minute of my walk in the rain (it was cold and I had goosebumps and my sandals were soaked!!). BUT, it happened to be the day of the Father and Son's outing for our ward. Garry and the boys were heading to Valley of Fire for the night. Being the troopers they are, they did go, they set up the tent and it promptly filled with about an inch of water, so they ended up sleeping in the Suburban. The above pictures are ones Tanner took from his phone, so sorry about the quality, but I think you get the idea. Now, Garry was never an Eagle scout, but he should have been. He went up to the campout fully prepared for the rain, so him and the boys stayed dry and had changes of clothes and were set and ready!! (The same can't be said for some of the other father and sons up there soaking wet and miserable).
Cynjyn and I had a great time with our girls night. We went to Olive Garden with Joann and Sarah Wikle and then we came home, changed into pajamas and went to the Wikles' for movie night. They had rented Shirley Temple in Heidi and we settled in on pillows with blankets and surrounded by a stuffed animal collection and a bowl of popcorn we were all too full to eat!!
Well, no one ever told me Shirley Temple movies were so sad. Cynjyn started crying as soon as Heidi got seperated from her Grandfather and taken to Clara's house. Sarah was trying her best to console her. Sarah is 10 and Cynj is 7, it was pretty funny when Sarah said: "Cynjyn, when I was your age, this movie made me cry too." By the time Heidi was reunited with her Grandfather, Cynjyn was sobbing and almost missed it. So, needless to say, it was 10 pm by then, so we left and went home. She settled down and was happy to sleep with me in my bed for the night.

Friday, May 16, 2008


So, Cynjyn had been bugging me for awhile to sleep in curlers. One night, we had some free evening time and so we decided to put her hair up in curlers.

She was very excited and looking forward to morning.

Curlers came out and this was her reaction. Her hair was a frizzy mess!!

I tried to tame the beast, but she just got more and more upset. (It probably didn't help that Taz and I were laughing hysterically, not meaning to).

So I gathered the hair up and pulled it into a high pony and it looked really cute sitting on top of her head, she approved of it and went on with her day!!

I told her that we probably needed bigger curlers and would just put them in the bottom of her hair next time...and she agreed to a next time, so she probably wasn't too traumatized. She actually wanted to do the same look for picture day and have her "nest" hair. I vetoed the look for picture day however!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's been great Talon!

Athlete of the month

Talon got Athlete of the month at Silverado High School. It is quite an honor because they only pick one from all the spring sports that are currently going on. He got a case of gatorade, a certificate, shirt an engraved plaque, and his picture posted in the sports hall at school. Believe it or not, I took three pictures of him like this and the two "good ones" with his eyes open turned out blurry and this one wasn't, so it made the blog!!

Sadly, his high school volleyball career ended last night with a loss in the regional finals to Coronado. They played hard, but got beat 25-19, 26-24, 26-24. It was sad, but Talon had the game of his life and got in the paper for 24 digs!! (That is amazing for three games for those of you who don't know volleyball). He made an all state team and has to go to the school tonight to get his award and be introduced in front of the crowd!! It's been an exciting four years and we've loved everyone of them!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Look what came in the mail today...

yea...I love those men in brown suits. He was knocking on my door before noon. I can't wait to fold and put away my last load of laundry and start reading. It better be good!!

Senior Prom

This is how the conversation went:
"Mom, if you let me go to Cali with Tiff and RJ for spring break, I promise I won't ask for anything else! I won't even go to prom!"
"O.K. Talon, you can go to Cali but I want a signed affidavit that you won't go to prom."
Not even two weeks later, Talon informs me he's going to prom. He just can't miss his Senior Prom!! Well, the only reason we were giving him grief is that last year he went and it cost us close to $500.00 just for one prom night that they didn't even dance at and were at the dance for maybe 45 min. We were mad!! So we told him at the beginning of this year that he had to get a job and earn money so that he could pay for his own activities his sr. year.
Well, he got the job, but then volleyball started and his hours got cut drastically. So when it came time for guessed it, NO MONEY!! So he gives me the guilt trip that I'm his mom and it's his SENIOR year and I should at least pay for something. So I relent and say, o.k. I'll pay for the tux, but he has to pay for the rest. He did go to prom, I did pay for the tux, and he paid for the rest. My advice...start saving now...those darn kids get sooooo expensive!!