Friday, April 5, 2013

Slenderman, Spring Break and Easter!

So, while Cynjyn was perusing at Goodwill, she had a small handful of sweaters and shirts, I passed by these pants that were just screaming her name. She is into anything british looking and I thought these were perfect. I tracked her down and showed them to her and she immediatly fell in love with them. Score! and they look so cute on her.
Cynjyn has been wanting to have a Slenderman party for quite some time now.  I said she could finally have it during Spring Break.  We had it the Friday school got out.  Tanner, C and I are making the sign's to put around the park.  The three King Size Snickers are for the winners.
For those of you who are not Slenderman Savy, here is the rundown on Slenderman.  It is a video game where you wonder through a park and try to find 8 pieces of paper hidden throughout the park.  Slenderman tries to catch you.  He sneaks up on you and if you get caught, you're dead.  Slenderman wears a black suit and tie and is tall and has no face, just the white shape of a face.  So we chose a park in Green Valley that had a lot of trees and Cynjyn and Alexa invited friends.  They showed up at our house and we took them to the park.  I brought a jug of water, little cups, chips and dip, cheez-it's and gooey marshmallow, peanut butter cup brownies.  Taz, Tanner and Garry were the Slendermen (there is only one in the video game).  The four of us went and hid the papers.  The kids then divided up into groups of two or three and they had to find all 8 papers and bring them back to me ( I was set up at a table with the food and water).  If a slenderman caught them, they had to come sit at the table in a time out for a couple of minutes.  They were instructed to NOT yell HELP (we didn't want the other people at the park to think they were being abducted).  The slendermen just tagged them and they had to come to me.
Cynjyn and Alexa are best friends, but go to different schools so they each invited their own sets of friends from school.  Here they all are ready to play.  They came to our house at 7pm and we dropped them all off at their homes around 10:30.  Cynjyn, Bethany and Vanessa won!  It was actually fun and the slenderman, the timeout cop and the kids all enjoyed themselves!
The next day we went to the nursery and got some color to plant in the front yard.
Garry spent the afternoon doing that and putting in a stone walkway since all the preschool and piano kids cut right through there anyway.  I love it, it looks really cute.
Cynjyn is trying out for Advanced band next year, so she spent a lot of spring break practicing her flute. 
I got some cute new pink earrings.
And Tanner and Taz are playing an 11 page duet for my spring recital that is coming up in May.  They have been spending a lot of time practicing that as well.  They found it on the internet and there is a youtube of two guys playing it.  It is a theme song from one of the Zelda games and it is fast and dramatic.  They are getting quite good at it and I was really doubting they'd be able to pull it off as it is quite difficult.
Taz had to do the Easter Invitaional Tournament that Silverado hosts every year the Monday and Tuesday of Spring Break.  I went all day both days.  Garry had to work.  It was long and Taz and I were both done and exhausted by Tuesday night!
Cynjyn got her top braces of the Wednesday of Spring Break.  The bottom retainer wasn't ready, so she has to wait 5 weeks to get them off.  She forgot how slimy teeth are!
That same day, we went to lunch at Baja Miguels at the South Point Casino.  They have a $10.00 lunch special where you get a mexican soup, a two item meal with rice and beans and a margarita or daquiri.  We all chose the strawberry daquiri.  Tanner couldn't quite finish his, so Taz helped him our and used his straws to drink from each cup.  It was a fun lunch that we laughed and visited our way through.  Cynjyn then headed to Alexa's for a sleepover and Taz went to Ryan and Andrews the next day for a sleepover.
Friday we had the elders over for dinner.  It was only Garry, Talon, Tanner and I as the other two were still gone.  I served pork loin and mashed potatoes and broccoli and made this triffle for dessert.  Neither of the elders had ever had triffle before and the raved about it.  Even Talon and Garry liked it and they so are not into desserts!  It was angel food cake, strawberries cool whip and vanilla pudding.  Easy peasy!
Cynjyn has been really wanting to try deep fried pickels.  We looked all over for a place that might sell them and came up empty handed, so we decided to try our own.  We looked up a recipe where you dip them in flour and spices, then egg, then cornmeal.  We tried that and didn't really like the taste or how they turned out.
So we next attempted a batter mix and that was better.  We ended up eating those.  Still not the best though!  We also did mushroom and zuccini.
Tanner went out with friends to see the Host Saturday before Easter, so Taz, Cynjyn and I colored eggs.  We had quite the system set up and they enjoyed doing tthat. 
They were both so excited to have hunts in the new front and back yards and to discover new hiding places.

We only colored 2 dozen.
Cynjyn got two new dresses for Easter and Tanner got an electric shaver, Taz got a mini basketball hoop and ball (goes over a door) and headphones and Talon got a vitamin drink set that is supposed to be good for working out and a big container of Ranch seasoning to make his own ranch dip with.  I had made some for Super Bowl Sunday and he kept raving about it and wanting to know where I got the big thing of ranch (Sam's) so I got him that, sour cream and wavy chips for his basket!  He was thrilled.  Actually they all were thrilled with their basket presents this year.
After church, we hid eggs in the back then front and then Taz and Cynjyn peeled them.  They love doing that even thoug they don't like eating the eggs.
But, they try one every year just to see if their taste buds changed.  Cynjyn ate one small bite, then tried another and spit it out and was done.
I made deviled eggs and egg salad for Garry, Talon and I. It was yummy!
Taz held up the egg and put it in his mouth, then ran to the garbage and threw it away, couldn't even bite it!  Silly kids.
That night, Garry and I found this card from Cynjyn.  It is alway nice to get appreciation for the stuff we do as parents. She is a sweetie!