Monday, October 16, 2017

July Little Things

This is what I want to remember about July:
Sunday's with baby boy and family

A little photo shoot of a dapper little man...

Playing with the photo on an app.

Sunbathing (trying to get her belly tanned for dance)

A quick visit from Ryan in town from boot camp
Ryan and Andrew meeting Jaxon

Painting the old house

Summer movies
Dentist appointments
Tanner eating a whole bag of pizza rolls for lunches
Cynjyn going to the M pool for a summer pool movie (She had to bring a flotation device)
baby boy
Minnie fingernails
Baby boy
We realized we didn't get a photo of him alone in his blessing we had to do it quickly before he out grew it.

My car accident
Garry's endless work at the old house
Cynjyn really wanting CHiPS glasses, but her friends and family not liking them, so she ended up not getting them.
Band Camp shirts
Loving my new dress I got at JC Penny clearance in LG.
Tanner and Cynjyn's sacrament meeting performance
Baby boys.

Portrait mode with my favorite yard flower.
And that's a wrap for July...

The Rest of Boise

We ended up back in Boise before heading home to Vegas.The mall was having a Lego display so we went to see that one afternoon.
These two crazies rented the ride on animals for a half an hour...

Tanner dyed his hair.
These two played a lot.
Tanner and I enlisted Ky's hair cutting skills...

A little mini photo shoot in the blaring sun!

One last shin dig at the local bowling Alley

A last night of games...
and just like that summer is over and we are headed back to Vegas to start school (It's starting two weeks earlier this year!)