Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Homecoming 2K17

 So homecoming was October 7th.  Cynjyn, Tanner and I went dress shopping together and found a cute dress. We had Dodie modify the shoulders just a little because it was made to hang off the shoulders.  Anna did her nails with a rose to match the dress.
 Kaela helped her do her hair.

 She did her own makeup.  She looked beautiful and fresh and ready to go.
 Toni and I got together the day before and made the bout and corsage. 
 She drove Grady here to "pick up" Cynjyn even though Cynjyn was driving because Grady just turned 16 and doesn't have his license yet.

 We met the group at GVR for photos, but some were late, so we snapped a few couples photos while they were waiting for everyone (um, Sean) to show up.

 This is how they really felt!

 Then we made our way down to the pool area for group photos. 

 It was weird having to take photos of the girls group...I'm used to always taking the boys photos. But it was fun. 

We got kicked out of the pool area because apparently, we were supposed to have permission before hand which none of the boys got, so they took a few photos on the street.

 We moved inside after getting booted from the pool and they really didn't like that and so we left.

They went to dinner at Bucca di Beppo at Excalibur then they spent a few hours at Top Golf and stopped at McDonald's for Sundaes.

They were home by midnight and everyone had a great time. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

September Little Things

This is September's little things I need to remember:  I watch Jaxon on Wednesday's and Thursday's at Talon and Mikel's house.  It is just easier for all involved considering everything is there. So Tanner comes on Thursday's and relives me after his classes so that I can run home in time to do piano lesson's by 4:00.  Jaxon was kind of fussy this particular day and so Tanner was walking him and he fell asleep like this.

 My friend Jen Hill called and invited me to a George Strait concert that she had gotten  free tickets to at the T-Mobil Arena.  I had never been to the arena and I didn't know a single George Strait song, but I thought what the heck...a little adventure in life is nice, so I went.  It wasn't like any concert I've ever been to.  He didn't talk much, just literally walked all 4 corners of the stage and would sing a couple of songs before moving on. But I can say I've seen a country legend now.
 I love my outdoor photos, you know I love the sky!
 Our pool was just awful all summer. It was green and yucky and we just didn't have time to deal with it.  Finally we'd had enough and Garry drained it and acid washed it and refilled it and fixed the pump and now it's beautiful and behaving!
 I got some fall stuff put up early. Just this, not all my Halloween.
 Cynjyn and her after school naps.
 The moon on my sunny morning walk.
 Going to the Shafer's for the opening BYU game of the season...Reppin the Y with Thatcher's and Shafers.
 My cloudy beautiful sky that I see on my morning walks.
 Also a cute hummingbird that is always on this fence when I walk by in the mornings.
 Garry attempting to keep the pigeons at bay. He always goes up on the roof if we see them after our walks in the morning.
 My keto friendly cauliflower pizza crust.
 I let our new neighbor's the Haycocks borrow some vanilla and they returned the favor with some cookies they made...all cute in a pretty box with a bow.
 Cynjyn and Sean Borla at a summer birthday party.
 My fall nails.
 Halloween is in the stores, even though it's September and I saw this and thought of Cynjyn (She loves Panda's) and so I had to get it for her...she approved.
 Cynjyn's fall nails.
 And nail lady opened her own salon and was having a special and I wanted to support her, so I took Cynjyn.
 Nature evidenced on my morning walk.
 Cynjyn and Kaela wearing matching PJ's they bought for spirit week and pajama day.
 Thursday Night Lights.
 I love watching the band at the football half time shows because Cynjyn is easy to spot. She's the only one in her dance uniform and she doesn't blend in with everyone else.
 Tanner's head board he started in August is finally getting put up!