Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disco Fever

Tanner had a group project for History. They each had to pick a decade and present on that decade. Tanner's group picked the 70's.  They had to present the whole hour.  They decided to turn it into a game show and one of the girls dads was going to make a wheel of fortune.  At the last minute he backed out, so Garry said he would make one.  I got the job of painting it.  Tanner's group had 6 categories and the audience would spin the wheel of fortune and try to answer the question associated with the category.
The wheel turned out pretty good and the class liked the game concept.
The whole group had to dress in their decade style clothing.  Tanner went to Goodwill and actually found enough clothes to turn himself into John Travolta Saturday Night Fever style!  He claims someone else in the group got a picture of all of the group dressed up, but I have yet to see it.
The presentation went really well and his group got an "A" on the project!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

It was teacher appreciation week a couple of weeks ago. We did something everyday for Cynjyn's teacher because she loves Mrs. Hartman.  We also did gifts for her GATE teacher on W-F because she has GATE then.  Her GATE teacher said Cynjyn is the first student she's ever had who gave her something on teacher appreciation week.  I got all these ideas on Pinterest.  It was fun to do something for her teachers.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Event

So, Tanner made plans to go to The Event again this year. It is the "mormon prom" and it was held May 19th. He decided to ask Katie Barker.  He printed up this little ditty:  May 19th would just be another day not "the event" if you wouldn't go with me so please say yes.  From Tanner.

Then, he folded each piece into a plastic easter egg and hid them around her yard.
He took some window paint to paint her car windows so she'd know to look for eggs.  He spray painted one of them gold so that when she found the golden egg it would have the strip "from Tanner" in it.
A note on her window...
She found them all AND accepted!
This is my favorite place to take a picture of Tanner for his dances.  He just looks so daper!
He went with 7 other couples.  He drove our suburban and Amada (second from left) drove her Suburban and Sarah (third from left) took her own car.They ate at the McCracken's house.  They are in our ward and graciously volunteered to host 8 couples!!  (First they met at Carol Burke's backyard for pictures, she is McKenna's grandma, McKenna is the one in the short red dress).

They stayed at the dance until about 9:30 and then they ALL came back to our house and I had an ice cream dessert bar waiting for them and some cakepops and then all changed and watched The Bourne Identity (or whatever the first one is called).  Some of them fell asleep but most of them made it and they were all gone by midnight.  Tanner and Katie had a great time.

What a find

So I woke up the other morning and a document was open on the computer. This is what is said: Random Cynjyn facts. Apparently, Cynjyn had made it and printed it out and was taking it to school to quiz all her friends to see how much they knew about her. So I stole it and posted it here. I thought it was cute and interesting.
Random Cynjyn facts!!

Cynjyn’s favorite colors are green, purple, and blue

Cynjyn’s favorite things to do out of town are go to amusement parks, tubing, and camping

Cynjyn’s favorite animals are pandas, Horses, dogs, cats, and raccoons

Cynjyn enjoys coloring, video taking, random dancing, saying random things, having a “who knows who better” contest with friends, hanging out with friends, going outside,

Cynjyn’s favorite foods are chicken, steak, pineapple, apples,


I only like cheese on pizza otherwise it smells like feet to me. I am good at wasting time and I think that poems should rhyme I like to have fun. I like it when people aren’t afraid to be weird or themselves around me. I like when my hair is brushed and feels super soft. I like to wear big baggy clothes on the weekends and just sit around watching action movies and stupid romance movies and just sit on the couch and eat ice cream and say “she’ll never love again”. I like to say that I am a loser when I do that or a hopeless romance. And I really like it when the moon looks like a toe nail. I don’t like crust on my bread and I never trust a dog to watch my food.

So those are something no one really knows about me! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dancing the Night Away

This whole year Cynjyn has been taking dance lessons from a lady in our ward. Holly Mitchell has been teaching dance out of her house for a few years now, but this past year, she added an older group and Cynjyn joined! We were so excited.  Cynjyn loves the feel of the small groups and LOVED Miss Holly!!  She could not wait for Wednesday nights.  So a few weeks ago was her recital.  She was in 4 dance numbers:  Ballet, hiphop, some jazzy and contempory styles were also included.  The following pictures are her four costumes.  Ballet was her least favorite dance.  She loved her poodle skirt, but her favorite dances were her last two.  She even got to help coreograph one and made the gloves for one.

She loved the girls in her class, few in number, but fun to be with.
She made us video tape two of the dances and let us take pictures of the other two.  We did buy the DVD of it, but when we do our own video, we can zoom in on her!

Sadly, we just found out that Miss Holly is moving to Colorado in July.  Luckily, another lady in our ward is a dancer and is going to take over for her so she can continue her love of dance.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I know I have been slacking in the blogging department lately. But I have good reasons, really I do! Here is the main reason:
I have been taking a digital design class online. I have wanted to take this for a couple of years, but I didn't want to invest a lot of money into Photoshop when I already had Photoshop Elements.  But the requirement for the class was Photoshop.  Finally, I decided I REALLY wanted to take it.  So I was going to bite the bullet and get it with a student discount for Talon or Tanner, and Garry mentioned that he had CS3 at work and I could have it if I wanted it.  So I eagerly said yes and started the class.  It was 5 weeks long and we all learned how to design our own kit and make a preview and  a lot of other things.  We have until Aug. 1 to finish it all up, but I finally got my preview done and wanted to share.  When I get the kit completely ready, I'll share it with you all!  Anyway, it has consumed all my spare time and even some regular time I couldn't really afford to spare, but I'm happy with how it is turning out.  I promise I'll get back to blogging more regularly.  I have a lot to catch up on!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girls Camp kickoff dinner

So our theme for Girls Camp this year is Arise and Shine forth and we all have a "Light" theme. Our ward chose Woodland Fairies as our was to shine our light. So we had our camp kickoff dinner with the introduction of this theme. The leaders were supposed to make tutus and wear wings.
I had seen some giant flowers on Pinterest that I wanted to make for the occasion.  So Taz and Cynjyn filled some solo cups with cement for me to anchor them down. 
Then Linda came over one morning, and we made a bunch of tissue flowers and some giant tissue balls.
Barbara had found some little fairy wings at the dollar store for the leaders.  But they were made for toddlers and I had seen some on Pinterest that I wanted to try to make on my own.  So with Garry's help we came up with these wings and I made this tutu I'd seen on Pinterest too.  I love this sparkly tule they now have at Wal-Mart!!
Now my wings were visible at least.  I felt like I was flying (Haha, not really, I felt like an idiot!!)
These are the giant flowers, they turned out so cute and mixed with the real ones created a lovely garden fairy feeling.
The tissue balls haning from the ceiling turned out adorable.
Barbara and MaryAnne did the centerpieces and LInda and I did the flowers and tissue balls. I think it turned out really cute. We had wild mushroom soup for dinner and chicken croisannt sandwiches and fruit kabobs. Toni made homemade icecream (mixed berry) for dessert. We had a lime slush for a drink. It was a fun night.

Prom 2012

Spring means prom in our world. Tanner had two options this year. The school had a masquerade themed prom and then the church is doing a "mormon" prom called "The Event" in a few weeks.  Natalie is a senior this year and she REALLY wanted to go to her Sr. prom.  She really wanted Tanner to ask her...he did.
We got a bunny after Easter on clearance.  We puff painted Tanner on it's paws so she'd know who it was from. 
I had some vinyl and a cricut, so Tanner cut out and attached the words to a poster board.  We made a carrot with a frosting decorating bag and orange jelly beans and green ribbon.
Garry cut a heart out of the top and we stuck the bunny through.  "Some bunny wants you to go to PROM!  if you "carrot"all you'll say YES"  He left it on her car in the morning at seminary.
Her answer came a few days later.
The prom was Saturday April 28th.  Thursday night, Garry and I were on our way to the temple and he asked if we'd gotten a corsage for Natalie!  I completly forgot and prom was two days away!!  I called my good friend Debbie Witt who works at a wedding chapel doing flowers and she said she'd help me get one together.
She went with me on Friday morning to get all the supplies and I found two types of flowers, the mum looking things and white roses.  She made both and let Natalie choose.  She chose the roses.  Then when Tanner went to pick her up and meet for pictures, it turns out one of the girls forgot her boutineer and needed to use the white rose one.  So Natalie ended up using the mum ones.  Tanner and I liked those the best because they were different, so we were glad she ended up using them.
Tanner ordered this vest and tie on Amazon and it looked like it would match from the pictures, but when it came it was darker than we thought.  Oh well, it was here and he was wearing it.
The flowers matched her dress perfectly.
Natalie looked beautiful and Tanner was very handsome.
They went with Natalie's best friend Heidi and her date Xavier and then Natalie's other friend Sarah and her date Dustin.
The girls all had masks, but none of the boys remembered to get one.  So that was good, it would have been bad if Tanner was the only one who forgot one!
They stole the girls when they weren't looking.
So handsome.
So beautiful.
And they are off. The had a fun/memorable night. They started off at dinner at a Mexican restaurant that overlooked the city. Then they went to the dance which was at the Anthem Revere golf club. They left there about 8:30 and went to the Venitian and watched Phantom of the Opera. It is leaving Vegas at the end of May and Dustin scored tickets for them for $35.00/person and they had great seats! And that folks was prom 2012!!