Thursday, August 15, 2013

June, summer, finally!!

We LOVE summer. June finally came and after the celebration of graduation, we continued to make the most of our June. I had some moms and kids come over to swim.  Cynjyn had lots of friends to swim with. 
Here, her and Bethany do their best Titanic impression!
We had a game night with our favorite gaming friends!  We love our game nights, this one was at the Shafers.
We discovered our favorite new movie theater, the Galaxy that has reclining seats.  Unfortunately, we'd just eaten lunch at Olive Garden to celebrate the last day of school and so we were all a little full and tired...maybe reclining seats wasn't such a good idea...but we sure LOVED them!!
I got a gift card to Café Zupa from one of my preschoolers, so we went there for dinner one night.
Somehow Cynjyn convinced Sean to let her put makeup on him and dress him up as a girl.  I don't know how she does this.  She did this once to one of my piano boys too.  But Sean happily posed away and she did an awesome job!
The Hollands were moving to Boston at the end of summer, but since we were going to Oregon for most of July, and Bethany and Hansen were going to Utah, they spent as much time together in June as possible!!  My heart is broken for Cynjyn to lose yet another best friend because they moved away.  Her and Bethany were meant to be best friends and I am so sad for her, but they enjoyed their last weeks together.
Here they are watching The Others, Beth doesn't like scare movies!
Taz and Hansen were best buds too, it was so sad to lose that, they could have had so much fun growing up together:(

They braided their hair together, now they are braid sisters, I guess that's better than blood sisters!!
Taz has a king size bed and yet they slept downstairs on the couch on sleepovers???
One of our last hurrahs was a trip to Adventuredome. 

Father's day came and Cynjyn and I came up with a little saying incorporating some of his favorite goodies and then Cynjyn read the poem as Taz handed him his goodies.  We are very blessed to have such a great dad in our lives!!
Tanner watched the Shafers dog Sparky while they went out of town for a week.  We just brought him here and the kids loved having a dog for the week.  Boy did that dog love the kids too.
I took him for a walk with me every morning, this was a Tuesday, so Garry was walking with us.

Cynj and I bought matching shoes on clearance for $10.00 each and wore them to church.
Garry is a master sub sandwich maker and has the assembly line down and can whip our a dozen subs in no time.
Tanner got this cool graduation card from the Shafers.  It was money for watching Sparky and his grad money.  They have been so good to him these past few years.  He has been their babysitter and dog watcher and that's how he's made most of his money throughout high school.  He will really miss them this fall!

And that is our June.  Fun, fun, fun!

Monday, August 12, 2013


We had a fun family activity one Saturday afternoon. Taz and Cynjyn had been showing me pictures of people doing poses.  I called it Vadering, I'm not sure if that is what the real term is, but I wanted to try it as a family.  So, we drug out the camera and started posing and snapping away.  We took a lot of pictures trying to get it right.  I made a quick scrapbook page to submit to my website.  I edited those pictures with some special effects.  They turned out just how I wanted them to. 
So here are some that I didn't edit, but I still like them. 

 And these are the edited ones.  It really was a fun afternoon!!