Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The reception: Decorations

The next night we had the reception. This was mainly for our LDS friends and other people that they couldn't invite to the venue.Gina did the decorations for the venue, but Garry and I did most of the decorations for the reception.  We were able to use a lot of the decorations from the venue and that really helped.  This was the gift table.  Mikel and I had made the burlap sign and Mikel made the card box.  We used the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets from Mikel and Cynjyn.  I had given Mikel the two canvas photos from her engagement shoot for Christmas and Garry made the frame and I stained it and added a scrapbook page I'd done of them. 
We used the sand from the sand ceremony for the guest table and another frame and the chalkboard from the venue decor.
Reused venue stuff for the entryway.
I made the decorations for our ladder.
Venue reuse below ladder.
Garry and I found a slightly damaged lattice for $14.00 at home depot and turned it into our photo display.
Then we had bought and stained some crates and more scrapbook page frames coupled with a reuse of flowers from venue made for a cute entry table display.
Close ups

Reuse from venue.
Frame borrowed from Delahoussaye's and preschool chalkboards at drink station.
Another borrowed frame and a poster I made for the candy table.
Candy table

Backdrop borrowed from Delahoussaye's and we draped lights, tulle and burlap on it and I made the paper fans. 

Banner made with burlap letters by me and we bought table clothes and Cynjyn and Ella set up the candy table while Taz, Beckham and Kres did the final inspection of candy!

Drink station: Borrowed Cecily and Toni's dispensers and had the two middle ones that were ours.  We served lemon water and cucumber/mint water and regular water and the crystal light/ginger ale punch. 

 We borrowed an arch that the Tuke's had.  We strung lights and tulle and burlap and used sconces from the venue and candles.

Lindsey Miranda made the cake.  It was ombre going from light purple to whitish.  Garry made the cake stand from a picture she'd found and I put the lettering on it with my cricut.  Mikel had the cake topper.  The cake was delicious: white with raspberry filling, chocolate with caramel filling, white with apricot filling.  We had this cake plus three sheet cakes. 
A full gift table.
It is amazing to me that we took the gym from this to a beautiful reception in about 6-7 hours.  It was exhausting, but fun and I am grateful, so grateful to Garry, Ky, Krissy, Tanner, Cynjyn and Ella for their help.  They are all super AWESOME!!!