Monday, June 23, 2008

Talon Graduates

Well, it finally happened. My oldest child graduated from High School. It was not a sad time for me at all. I was overjoyed to have those high school years behind us and am very excited to be moving on. It will be exciting to see the future unfold as Talon goes out into the "world" to make his living.
We had family come up for the big event. Talon's grandma and grandpa, Aunt Krissy and her dog Lola, Aunt Ky and her son Kresimir, and cousins Ella and Trampis. It was quite a housefull, but we had a great week. Ky and Krissy had made us all T-shirts that said "congratulations Talon" and had a picture of him as a baby on it. He had to work Wednesday night (the night before graduation), and got off at 9:00pm, so we all put on our shirts (which he hadn't seen) and we were all sitting around the living room waiting for him to get home. When he walked in the door, he first saw Ky, Cynjyn and Ella on the couch and then he saw the shirts and said, "what the heck" we all broke out laughing and told him that we were going to wear them at graduation in the morning. He said, no way!!. It was pretty funny, we got a picutre of us all together and even Lola the dog had one!! Thanks to Ky and Krissy!!!!!
Thursday was the graduation at the Thomas and Mack Center and at started at 9 and we were out of there at 10:30!! We just hung out at home the rest of the day and swam and BBQ'd. My friend Jen, made us a cake for graduation. It turned out very cute and we all enjoyed eating it!!
Now...Talon just started a job at Wells Fargo bank. He's a teller and he's working part time until a full time opening comes up. He gets benefits, bonuses, paid vacation and they have a tuition reimbursement program that will reimburse his tuition in the fall when he starts school at UNLV. He is very excited about this, but has been busy these past two weeks doing double duty and Saxby's and Wells Fargo. He did manage to earn his Duty to God for Priests and so, he's earned all three of those. He's officially out of YM's and we are excited for the future!!


gwen said...

It was a fun few days, and the pictures turned out great! Love the fact that Talon got the bank job and hope it works out! Go Talon!!!

gwen said...

Krissy says, "You finally updated your blog! I've been checking it every day waiting for this post! We had a good time and hope Talon did too."

kc and k said...

While we were looking at the pictures of the t-shirts, Kres kept saying "Ella Baby Talon" with a confused look on his face. It took me awhile but I finally realized he was saying "Lola Baby Talon." He is very interested that the dog is wearing a shirt.

The job and college sound like a good start for his leap into the "real world."