Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We love spending time on the boat at Wallowa Lake. There are so many grandkids old enough to do things now that we have to be patient and take turns. Our plan or attack is to have a liscensed boat driver take a small group for 2-3 hours and switch kids out. Sometimes we drop them off on a dock to swim around, sometimes we just let them play on the shore and sometimes we have designated switch times. This year, Garry and Randy were the designated boat drivers. An added bonus was that grandma bought two different sized water skiis and so the kids were able to try their hand at skiing instead of just tubing. Dock jumping,

Dock waiting,

Boat driving,

Talon was the first up on the skiis as he has skied before. So, he told all the younger boys the proper form and techniques on how to get up. He went in and out of the wake and skied one handed and tried slolam, but didn't have much luck.

They still loved tubing though, and the girls and the younger kids only tubed and didn't ski.

Lawson got up on his first attempt, Talon was a good teacher.

Taz found great success.

I promise Tanner and Trampis skied, but my camera was with my sister and I used my moms and forgot to get the pictures off it, but it did seem a little harder for those taller boys.

The weather was perfect and the boating was super fun this year.

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Marley Creek

One of the reasons we go to Marley Creek each year is to see our herd of elk. This year, they weren't extremely close and we had to use binoculars to get a good look, but we could hear them at times and watched them for a good 15 minutes. Another reason we go is because its just so dang fun. We are up in the mountains, surrounded by beautiful nature and we can do all the fun things we never get to do in the city. Plus, being together without technological interruptions is an added bonus.

We took a picnic of hotdogs to roast over the fire, baked beans, salad and some soda and smores.

We did the usual fun activities like lots of 4-wheeling,

Shooting clay pigeons,

Crawdad catching,

Hotdog roasting,

Crawdad cooking,

And crawdad eating.

Marely Creek is most definatly a high light of our summer.

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Ode to summer

These next several posts will be an attempt to catch up on my blog. We had a great summer and packed a lot into our 3+ weeks away from Vegas. So, here goes: The day after girls camp, Cynjyn and I drove Tanner, Taz and 5 other boys up to BYU for a week at volleyball camp. I had to unpack from camp, do laundry and pack again in less than 24 hours. We got to Provo Sunday night and C and I stayed in a motel after getting the boys checked in. Then on Monday, we made our way to Kaysville where we were planning on staying with Heather and her family for the week. We made a stop at Temple Square and toured the conference center on our way.

We had a great time at Heathers house that week. Cynjyn and Megan reconnected after about 30 minutes and then had a fun week thanks to Heather.

They entertained us at Cherry Hill water park and they made slime which they played with for days.

They even tried their kazooing skills.

It was a great way to spend the week, the boys had fun at vball camp and we got to catch up with good friends! Thanks Heather, Mike, Danika and Megan! (I didn't forget Brook, she was at EFY and we didn't see her).

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