Friday, October 14, 2011

He's such a rebel! Or is he?

It has been college week at Taz's middle school. They've had to wear various t-shirts and things this week such as what they want to be when they grow up shirts and a college t-shirt etc.  Well, today being Friday it is "Rebel" day and they are supposed to wear UNLV colors and shirts and jersey's.  Not my boy!  I've raised him right...True Blue all the way:)
In other news, we picked up Tanner's bday present last Sunday.  He loves it.  The old one is still sitting in my dining room, but we found someone who wants it, so it will be gone soon and the piano tuner is coming Tuesday, can't wait, it so needs a good tune-up.
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cheers, birthdays, surprises and football!

A few weekends ago, Cynjyn participated in a mini cheer camp again at Silverado for Breast Cancer awareness. She was so excited to cheer in the football game on Saturday.  Unfortunatly, she wasn't feeling well and I had to wake her up at 5:45 to go to the game.  She had a fever and stomach ache and cough, but she perservered anyway.  She was so gladd when it was over.  But she did awesome as usual. 

Tanner had a great birthday during the week.  His bday was Wednesday, October 5th.  He got two balloon boquets at school and a bunch of candy and some cards and a tie pin from his friends.  We bought him a new piano (well, new for us, but used non the less).  We are picking it up today! So no pictures. 
He is in foods and nutrition and every Thursday, they turn their classroom into a restaurant and serve costumers.  Talon and I ate there this week.  It is $7.00 for lunch.  We had a romaine pine nut salad, roasted pork loin and three different winter squashes and an apple tart with lemon glaze for dessert.  The kids shop on Monday and make everything on Tuesday and Wednesday and serve on Thursday.  It is good and Talon and I enjoyed ourselves.
On Friday, Natalie, Julianna and Amanda took Tanner to the Shark Reef for his bday.  In the meantime, I set up the table with snack foods and a cake.
They went to the park and ate pizza before the adventure.

His other friends started showing up about 7:15 and they got here at 7:45.  He was surprised!!  Everyone stayed and they played Mafia, Couch of Power, Honey I Love you and then they went to the park and played a couple of games.  They came back here and everyone left by midnight.

I had made him a red velvet bundt cake.
Just so you don't think I forgot about Taz, he is busy in the middle of football.  We have been having wonderful weather for football and his team is doing o.k.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Goon Way

Taz had a project due for Health. It was an all about me poster. He had to have 9 pictures on it three from the past, three from the present and three for the future.  They were to represent his mental/emotional, physical and social health.  He had to have his first and last name on the poster and the title of me.  It had to say Past, Present and Future too.  He got extra credit if he "wowed" the teacher as she put it.  So, he told us about it and then forgot about it for awhile.  I didn't.  I asked Tanner about the poster because he had the same teacher and class.  He said that everyone just slaps 9 pictures on the poster and that's about it.  Tanner, when he had the assignment turned his into a chess board with his pictures as the pieces.  So we knew we could make it good.  Tanner offered a few suggestions and then I came up with a graveyard scene (It is October!!) and the "ghost" of Taz past, present and future.  Taz said ya, whatever.  He kinda fought us the whole way wondering why he couldn't do his poster in 15 minutes and be done, but we said, no! it's not the Goon way!  So, Tanner came up with the idea of a ghost coming out of the tombstone.  Garry said why don't we make it a popup and we proceeded from there.  Luckily, Garry is a good hand drawer and was able to free hand the wording.  Taz chalked it and worked on his pictures.  Garry and I helped him assemble it. As we were working on it, it was ironic that his friend Josh called and wanted him to play XBox live and he said in about an hour because he was working on his poster.  Josh said "how long does it take to glue 9 pictures on a poster board?"  Too funny!!
Here is the finished project.  The name is supposed to be the arch or entryway to the graveyard and then when you open the three tombstones, a ghost pops up holding three pictures.  After it was all said and done, Taz had the biggest smile on his face come Monday morning as he left for school.  Garry and I got big hugs and thank you's the night before too.  He came home from school Monday and said everyone's posters were the same, 9 pictures put onto a poster board, no creativity at all.  The only other person that showed extra effort was a girl who glued tissue paper all over her poster board to give it a stained glass look to hold the nine pictures that she then slapped on the board.  He got 65 out of 50 on the project.  I guess he "wowed" the teacher!
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