Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seriously, NO WAY!

So, Krissy and Brian left early Sunday morning. We had one day to recover from our exciting week and get ready for our Spring Break. Luckily it was conference Sunday, so we could stay home all day and get ready. I prepped for preschool because we would be gone all week and I wanted it done and out of the way.
But one thing we do every conference Sunday is bring out our 72 hour boxes and reevaluate.  Tanner and Cynjyn had the job of taking out all the expired food and recording everything we have in them.  They had fun doing that, unfortunatly, all our food had expired, so I'll have to replace that this month.  But that's good, it lasted a year!
We also get all our change bins and baskets around the house and roll our spare change.  This past 6 months found us with $100.00!! woot woot.  We added it to our last 6 months worth and as soon as we have $500.00 worth, we are going to do something fun as a family with it!
Taz slept with Ninja during a conference session. 

It is funny how you get used to traditions.  Whenever my mom comes to visit, she always leaves a thank you note on the counter for us to find when we wake up.  Also if you go to my moms house, she is always writing herself notes of things to remember like appointments, stuff to get at the store etc.  BUT, she always writes them on whatever is closest and most convenient at the time to write on.  It is almost NEVER a single sheet of paper.  So when Krissy left, she left us a note on a paper plate!!  Too funny.  Love them both:)
Monday morning we wer off to California.  Garry was planning on getting us tickets to Disneyland because he could get a military discount for a three day pass for $99.00, when he went to get them, he found out that he wasn't at that tier level of military and could only get them for $ 189.00 instead of the regular $199.00, so we changed our plans and decided to go to Knottsberry Farm.  We had never been before (well, Tanner had for an 8th grade field trip), but we could get SEASON Passes for $65.00.  I am way to old for the calibur of rides at Knottsberry farm.  I was so missing my mild, calm, fun family rides at Disneyland...BUT, my KIDS loved the danger and thrill of Knotts.  There they are on Montezuma's the very top!
Garry went on these crazy rides the first day with them! He was trying to be a good dad and bond with them. 

However, at the end of the day, he had a terrible headache and was done with those crazy rides for the rest of the trip.  I on the other hand said "Seriously, NO WAY!" for almost every ride. 
We left the park every day at 4 and went to an early dinner.  This was Olive Garden, we tried to find a Spaghetti Factory, but no luck and this was a block from our motel!  Then we'd go back to the motel after dinner and play games and head back to the park around7 and stay  till it closed at 10pm.  Those were the best times to be there.  The lines were no exsistent and we got on and off rides quickly.  I did end up going on the log ride, the other water ride which was like Grizzly River Run and Dland and the funny thing about that was that it was so dead after dark that we just stayed on the ride three times in a row and got SOAKING wet!  Taz actually went a fouth time, but the rest of us declined.  It was funny and crazy.  The kids did talk me and Garry into going on the Ghost Rider roller night...once.  I had my eyes closed the WHOLE time and was sooo glad when that ride was OVER!!
I had to get a picture with my favorite California flowers Birds of Paradise in the background.
One fun thing we did was get our caricatures done.  The kids each individually and Garry and I together.  Cynjyn's was of her riding Ghost Rider.
Tanner was Super boy.
Taz was a football player.
Garry and I were Batman and Catwoman.  Luckily, our drawer was a huge comic book fan and love drawing the Super boy and Batman/Catwoman.  Hopefully I can find an emptyish wall to hang them up on.
OK, even Tanner and Cynjyn had their limits.  This ride below is the Perilous Plunge.  It looked CRaZy and none of us would go on  it.  It kept breaking down and wasn't open very often.  Taz really wanted to go, so he did!
by himself.  Here he is at the very back again!
Coming down!
Splashing to the end.
I'm happy to say he survived and even got wet enough to cool down on the hot day!  What a dare devil!
Garry knew Cynjyn would love these straw glasses and so that was her souvenier from the trip and she tried them out at Chick-Fi-La on the way home.  They weren't as impressive with her sprite, but much more fun with Taz's rootbeer!  We left Wednesday afternoon for Vegas and got home around 7pm.
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Our week with Krissy and Brian

Krissy came down to visit us during her spring break, which was a week before our spring break. I already posted our big outing on Wednesday with a lunch of Pho and Hunger Games.  But we also did some other fun things.  I had to teach piano lessons on Monday from 2:30-6:00, so I suggested that the kids take Krissy to Popped and try that frozen popcorn.  Krissy thought it was weird and I'm still not sure if she liked it or not, but we all still think it's fun.

On Thursday, she was able to go to lunch with Talon and I at Tanner's school for his food production class.  It was a yummy Easter lunch with ham and funeral potatoes and asparagus and strawberry shortcake for dessert.
On Saturday, Brian wanted to go to Hoover Dam.  Cynjyn had never been, I hadn't been since we took my Grandma and Grandpa when they came up to Vegas for Taz's baby blessing.  Taz and Tanner had been in the last year, but we all went and it was fun and cool to look at.  The only problem was it was super windy that day.  Cynjyn brought her friend Alexa with us. 
Krissy and Tanner did not go over the bridge as they both have bridge phobias, but the rest of us did.  Cynjyn and Alexa were so excited when I told them they walked to Arizona that day!!

Here we are leaving Arizona and heading back to Nevada:)
It's crazy to think that that bridge in the background is the bridge we were just on!
So we walked down to the dam and we were looking ovet the edge and it was so windy...
Taz discovered he could spit and his spit would fly UP and off into the sky.  It was so funny, Garry tried to get a picture of it, but here he is spitting and you can't see the spit flying, but it was funny looking, you'll just have to take my word for it.
They had an exhibit near the dam and so we got some pictures there.
Here is a pretty view. 
This is a memorial to those who sacrificed their lives in the building of the bridge.  Cynjyn wanted a picture here because her great grandfather, my grandfather, my mom's dad helped build the Hoover Dam.  Luckily he wasn't one that sacrificed his life.
They have a compass and
Metal stars and planets in the ground set to scale of how they would be in the sky.  So we had each of the kids stand on one.

It was as fun outing and we were so glad Brian suggested going there.
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