Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to school feast/Family theme

This year I decided to do a back to school feast. It seems like every year the kids head back to school, we do a FHE lesson on goals and get geared up for school.  But this year I just felt like the kids are growing up and I wanted to do more than that.  So we started out with a feast of sliders, cheese fries and onion rings.  After dinner, Garry and I gathered everyone together for FHE. 
I started by telling the kids that as parents we are realizing that they are getting older and we are losing our control over them.  They are growing and developing and becoming their own people.  That is hard for a parent, but it's also exciting to see them become well, them.  I told them that at this point all we can do is hope that we've taught them well and let them govern themselves.  I wanted each of them to know that they were loved for different reason and that I do not have a favorite child, but love each of them.  I then talked about each child and showed them a scrapbook page I had made about each one.

After I was done I introduced a family theme for the year.  I had it made into a poster that we hung above our mantle and I laminated a 4x6 for each one to put in their binders, or rooms or office.
Then each family member got a stained glass star with their name engraved in the middle.  We are hanging the stars in the window to remind us that we are each individuals, but also part of a family.

Garry did an object lesson on Rising up and becoming you.  He used oil and colored water and talked about how the kids are in the world, but rise above it with their gospel knowledge.  He then added the colored water and shook the glass up.  It became mixed up, but as it settled again, the oil rose to the top.  That is how we want them to be.  We want them to realize their potential and rise up and become!

Later that evening before bed, he gave Cynjyn and Taz father's blessings.  Talon had already gotten one before he entered the academy and Tanner wants to wait until closer to when he leaves for school. 
It was a very successful FHE and everyone really liked it.  I think we will make this a yearly tradition.


Lindsay said...

Looks like a good tradition! I love your family!!

Gwen Waite said...

You are a wonderful mother!! You have raised a wonderful family!, love you all!