Monday, September 28, 2015

Homecoming, Anti Homecoming

 Homecoming was a first and a last this year.  Cynjyn's first.  She wasn't old enough to go, but she still got to do the school stuff like spirit week and play at the football game.  She decided that she was going to ask Norma to "anti homecoming" and they were going to hang out that night and eat and watch movies.  So she found an idea on the internet and I made the poster for her one Sunday night.  She was in the middle of a lot of homework, so that's why I did it for her. 
 Tanner made some Mickey head cookies for her to take to Norma with the sign that night too.
They ended up inviting Kate and Kayla to join their festivities that night.  I told them since it was homecoming, they had to have a photo shoot, so I took them out to the park by our house and we shot some shots.  Then they made pancakes and had them for dinner, then settled in to watch Grease.  They'd brought chips and donuts and we made popcorn and sno cones for them too.  They had a fun night.

Taz had asked Rosemary to homecoming.  It was quite an ordeal.  He and Bryna had broken up right after school started.  He was sad, but was determined to have his last homecoming.  He wanted to ask a girl on the tennis team, Tiffany, but Lawson really wanted to ask her, so he decided to ask Rosemary.  This was cool because Rosemary was a pinochle player, so we came up with a really cute way to ask her:  Garry traced the cards and I colored them.  Taz helped a little when he could. 

 Then he went with Ryan on a Monday evening and asked her to homecoming.

Taz always gets himself involved in a huge group.  I keep telling him that he and Ryan and Andrew should just break off and do their own thing.  I know Taz would have way more fun that way, but alas he always ends up going with people he doesn't really like...anyway, this time he actually had friends in his group that he liked, so he had a lot more fun this year.  We all went to The District for pictures.  I always take a ton and so does everyone else, but it's fun that way. 
After the photo session, they went to a place James Skully had connections with and had an Italian dinner catered to them.  Then they all went to Blue Man Group.  That looked super fun and Taz loved it.  Then he and a few friends rode the NYNY coaster.  They then headed to Shae's house for dessert.
I guess they stayed there for awhile and visited and such  and then I think they came home.  He was in by 12:30.

He said it was fun.  Here is the cost:  $45.00 for corsage and bout. $175.00 for the rest of the evening.  Oh, and $15.00 for the mint green tie to match her dress that we bought three hours before the evening started (we had to walk the entire outlet mall going to all the stores we could think of to find the right color going off an IPhone picture of the dress.) We did pretty good with the matching.

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Gwen Waite said...

I like the way your kids can have fun without getting serious!!