Wednesday, June 28, 2017

March Little Things

March was busy and eventful.  Talon came over with Bagherra and Bentley a lot and boy does he love that cat.  She just snuggles right up to him. 
 But she also hides under the couch in a hole in the lining when it's time to leave.
 But he still loves her anyway.

Grandpa went to Arizona with Rob and Garry and Tanner met them at Bearazona and picked him up and brought him here to catch a flight out of Vegas to Boise.  We taught him Qwixx and he had every red number marked and that was the first time we had seen that. 
I got a random text one day from Charles Thomas showing me who he had run into at the court house!
Cynjyn and Tanner were trying to reenact a move that Taz had accomplished with his companion.  This was as far as they got because Cynjyn was too chicken to bend all the way backward.
Needless to say, Taz wasn't afraid to go all the way back!

I had a pretty bad cold for about a week, Garry was gone, so it was off to Cane's for dinner!

Cynjyn cleaned out her room and closet!
I got a birthday present from Taz in the mail.  Some cute earrings and a letter and a Korean ad.  I still have a red nose from my cold!
Pre festival concert.
Decorated mantel for Easter.
 And my table.

Ryan was leaving to join the Navy.  He was headed to boot camp and then to training and will be gone for at least a year.  We will miss him and so we took him to Outback for a goodbye dinner.
Mikel ended up in the hospital with a mini stroke.  It was pretty scary. She was at work and all of a sudden she couldn't see out of her right eye.  She drove herself home and her right side wasn't working very well. Talon took her to the hospital and they admitted her overnight and ran tests.  It ended up being a TSI (I think that's what is called) and is apparently pretty common in pregnant women.  The baby was in no danger though. By the next day she was doing much better.
Grady and Cynjyn twinned in Taz's old volleyball jersey.  Grady inherited his old uniform as libero on JV.

I did my birthday dinner at Claim Jumper.
A typical Sunday afternoon with everyone on their phones.
Garry enjoyed designing and working on a fountain to put in our front yard.

 Garry ordered rock to re rock the front and back yards.
 It was a lot of work
 Tanner helped him for a few hours.
 After adding the fountain, the front yard is really starting to look good.

the rock was pretty ugly until we started spraying it off and then it got a lot prettier.

Cynjyn ran over the yellow island divider to avoid being hit by a car and popped her tire.
Spring is in the air..and I loved planting my flowers.

Garry made blackout window covers out of cardboard and then covered them with a material case he made to go over them.  He strung some fishing line so he could hook them onto his extension poll and put them up. 

Cynjyn's salon.
Cynjyn is going to Disneyland with the dance team and has to have a buddy.  I made them Minnie ears so they wouldn't have to buy any. 
Her and Nicole had a great time.

This quater in English, they had a "book club" and had to read The Help.  For their discussion on the last third of the book, I made them mini chocolate pies as a joke for the pie eating scene in the book.

We had a family get together and the health clinic to all get our Tdap shots so that we can be around the baby when it is born. 
Two ladies that I visit teach had a pretty rough month.  So I decided to make them a basket of sunshine.  I enlisted Cynjyn and Eric to deliver it like ding dong ditch for me.  The Maathuis caught them, but the Hills didn't.  Jen posted this on her Instagram as a thank you!  I hope it made her feel better...she's such a great friend and I felt bad that she was having such a hard month. 

And that is March.

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