Monday, March 10, 2008

Lazy Saturday Morning

Loved him then in his 80's heyday
Love him now with his mature look

I wait and wait for the weekend to "sleep in", but my darn body just wakes up at it's normal time~about 6:00 am. Garry has the same problem. Well, Saturday, we were the first ones up and we were just hanging out on the couch channel surfing. We came across "Metal Mania" on VH1 Classics channel. It was an hour show and so it showed good metal videos as opposed to the three hour show that can show weird videos. Anyway, I digress. Anyone that know me well knows that I love 80's metal band songs and videos. As we were sitting there on the couch, my all time fav. band and person came on...Jon Bon Jovi. I LOVE that guy! He is my celebrity crush:) I just think he's a good person. He's been married to his High School Sweetheart for 20 plus years, he has four kids, he does a lot of charity work and he's sooo handsome. Watching that show on the couch with Garry brought me back to our college years, no kids, lots of time together and most of it spent attending every rock band concert we could find at the Salt Palace. Those were the good old years!! Anyway, this is my shout out to Bon Jovi...Love 'em!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk

A few weeks ago, I had to make something with Plaster of Paris for preschool. Since the mess was already out, I asked Taz and Cynjyn if they wanted to make some sidwalk chalk. Well, you can only guess their answer. So we got some molds and TP tubes and went to work. Well, Sunday morning, Tanner, Taz and Garry were all ready for church and just waiting around until time to leave and all three grabbed the SWC and started peeling of tubing and taking it out of molds. I thought it was so funny to see them all standing around the garbage can working on the chalk dressed in their Sunday best!! Look how hard they are all concentrating!! Too funny.

Homemade Rolls tonight

About a week ago, Taz was helping me make some rolls for dinner. He always likes to play with the dough if there is any left over. So I was going about my business and he was playing away and asked me if he could call Grandma. I said sure, but wanted to know why. He had remembered a few years back that she had made elephant ears with some leftover dough and he wanted to ask her how she did it so he could make some. So, he called and got her instructions and we heated a pan with oil and fried up the leftover dough that he'd cut into strips. We then dipped them in cinnamon sugar and they were "to die for" delicious!! Grandma said to be sure to send her one if they turned here is as close as you're going to get us sending one. Anyway, this morning before he left for school, I told him that I had some news that was going to make his day...I needed to make rolls tonight for dinner!! He went to school with the biggest smile on his face knowing that he'll get to come home and make some more elephant ears! Thanks, Grandma:)

Vietnamese Healing Ritual

So, we all know that Talon handles stress in his life by getting sick. He is sick the week he starts a new school year, he is sick a week or so before exams, and this year he got sick right before volleyball tryouts (even though it was assured he'd make varsity--go figure). Anyway, when he gets sick now, Tiffany does this "thing" with a quarter. She rubs it over his back in the above pattern until it is raw. Supposedly, this is going to help his body release the toxins making him sick. He swears it doesn't hurt, but we don't believe him. This is about 2-3 days after the rub, it was really red the day of, I just didn't think to snap a picture until now. By the way, he still seems a little sick to me (call me an unbeliever!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Teacher Appreciation treats

The theme this year for our Blue and Gold Banquet was Chinese New Year. So we decided to make homemade fortune cookies for the scout leaders with our own fortune in them. Toni, who is in charge of scouts, made the 8 or so cookies for all the leaders. Well, we decided to stick with the theme and make them for out teachers in primary as teacher appreciation gifts. So we got together at Andrea's house and made 22 homemade cookies, dipped them in chocolate and wrapped them in some cellaphane thing that Andrea found in her cupboard. The fortune said: "We're fortunate to have you as teachers in our Primary", or something like that. They were fun to make and Toni had perfected them and was a good teacher for us all. They were just time consuming. We were there from 9-1 and got 22 made, dipped and wrapped.