Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Happenings

I got the inside of the house decorated Thanksgiving weekend. Garry, however, didn't do the yard until around the 8th. We were getting worried that he wasn't going to come through, but he, Taz and Cynjyn went on the roof and got it done in about 2 hours. Taz was a big help and granted, everything isn't up, but it's presentable.

Then we had a shortened pixie week, only having to do Wed.-Fri. Here are Taz and Cynjyn happily making root beer reindeer.

Tanner was very excited as he got a great honor in school last week. He got student of the month. He got this nice certificate and a cool shirt. This is what they read over the whole school about him: Tanner Goon has shown excellence in citizenship in his Freshmen House of the Courageous skyhawks. Ms. Sena says Tanner is an exceptional student in Biology Honors. He always strives to do his best. He is a pleasure to have in class and gets along great with his peers. In English 1 Honors, Ms. Parks is always sure she can count on Tanner to answer questions, read with confidence, write an organized essay, and maintain calm no matter how hard the task is before him. As a Geometry Honors student, Ms. DiNenna says Tanner is excellent! He understands the concepts and is not afraid to explain them to others that may still need help. Tanner truly is a Courageous SkyHawk.

He tells me everyday that in Geometry, he has a group of people that just hang around his desk and ask for help, the teacher doesn't even need to go to his side of the room because she knows Tanner is helping that side. In English the first thing that Ms. Parks said to him was, "Wow! You are very organized Tanner! The teachers say that I am the most organized teacher, but I think that you are more organized then me!!!" His binder is always very small and organized(besides his Spanish binder) and he informs me that his desk drawer is very organized. We are proud of him for receiving this honor as there are about 1000 kids in the freshman class and they only pick one boy and one girl each month!!

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gwen said...

Happy Birthday, Talon! WOW, WOW WOW, Tanner!!! We are proud of you, and the organized part is great, too. Being SM in such a large school is truly an honor! And, to top it off, he's handsome, too : ) The reindeer are cute, and I can only imagine that Taz LOVED being on the roof--probably a dream come true for Mr Adventure! Cynjyn is looking so grown up with the new do! See you soon!

Lindsay said...

The house looked good when we drove by one night last week!
Next year I'll have to come to you for ideas, because those reindeer root beers are too cute!
And WOOOHOOO! Good job, Tanner! That's totally amazing. I remember Ms. Parks, I didn't have her, but I remember her. I didn't think that she liked anyone, so to get such great comments from her is awesome!

kc and k said...

Hooray, Tanner!!! I'm so proud of you!!! I bet the house looks great, and the reindeer are so cute!

Krissy T. said...

Nice job Tanner! Such a good guy! The reindeer look cute too :)