Friday, December 4, 2009

My baby turns 9!

Before you label me a bad mother, I didn't post yesterday because our monitor was broken!! We had to drag the super old one out of the garage and so I couldn't see anything until Garry did that and it was late at night when that happened.

Anyway, yesterday was Cynjyn's birthday. She had a little gift bag delivered to her at school, but reminded me that she was at the "older" school now and didn't need me to bring in treats. After school, she opened her presents. The stash before the opening began.


She got this big makeup kit from Taz. Tanner drew her name for Christmas and got her a combined bday/Cmas present because it was kind of spendy, so Cynjyn is opting to open it at Chrismtas instead of her bday.

She got 4 outfits from us and so she promptly wanted to model them for all to see.

After opening presents, we went to Olive Garden for her birthday dinner. We came home and had cake. I'd gotten her an ice cream cake and we all enjoyed our own personal ice cream cone from the top which is about all we could eat because we were so full from dinner. She got phone calls from her grandma, cousin and aunts and so she deemed it a great birthday day!!

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Ron said...

Birthdays. A good reason to pig out!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Cynjyn! Makeup? You're that old? I guess I really need to see you in person to believe it. Nice outfits!

Rob, Jodi, and Trey said...

Nice outfits! Happy Birthday!

gwen said...

love the outfits!did my gift arrive yet? love you, cynj!!!

Tony and Heather said...

Cynjyn is adorable! Happy Birthday to her!

Krissy T. said...

Better late than never! sounds like a good one!