Thursday, June 30, 2011

If you can't find what you're looking for, do it yourself!

I spent a good amount of time looking on the internet for some pirate looking paper and couldn't find what I wanted, so I made my own. This is what we are going to have the mother's write the letter to their daughters on for camp. I thought it turned out pretty cute. I made EVERYTHING including the shape, color and shading on the paper! I was pretty proud of myself and it came out exactly how I wanted it to.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Prayers are answered

I lost them. I borrowed Garry's church keys to take one of my piano students to the church on Wednesday. She was playing in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and I wanted her to practice on the church piano. She did great by the way. Then we went on with our week.

On Thursday we went to Buffalo Bills out in Primm. They were offering free ride passes to local NV. residents. We took Bethany and Hansen so Taz and Cynjyn would have a riding partner.
We stayed from 12:30-6:00 and even though they only have 5 rides, we had fun!

On Friday, I took the kids (Bethany, Becca and Cynjyn and I ) to Mr. Poppers Penguins and (Taz and Hansen) to Thor. Then we came back here and the girls played Wii and Twister and swam.

At 5, Taz's other friends, Michael, Sierra and Sophia came over. We fed all 8 of them burgers and hot dogs, chips and fruit and then Taz and his friends watched a movie and danced on the Wii till 9 when everyone went home.

Saturday, we spent the day getting Taz ready for scout camp. He had to have his pack ready to go by 6:00pm and loaded. They were going to take off Sunday right after church. So, Garry and Taz went to the church and got all loaded. Afterwards, Garry wanted his keys back to the church, I went to get them and they weren't on my key chain. Somehow, somewhere between Wednesday and Saturday night I had lost them. We spent the next two hours tearing the house apart looking for them. I knew they had to have fallen off my key chain and so I figured looking around the house was futile, but it got a good cleaning while we all looked. I prayed numerous times to Heavenly Father asking him to help me remember where they were or to bring to my memory where they were if it was in me. I went to bed feeling ill about loosing them. Sunday morning I had a dream right before I woke up. This was the dream: I was at church for the day. We had just finished our meetings and I had left my new shoes (I had bought new church shoes earlier in the week) in the YW room, so I went there after the meetings and the keys were inside my new shoes. My eyes popped open at 6:30 am and I thought to myself, the keys have to be at the church! I either didn't put them on my key ring, or they fell off the caribeener I keep them on. Garry was already gone to bishopric meetings, I went early with Maggie so she could practice. I looked where I had put them in the chapel and my heart sank, they were not there! After Sacrament meeting Garry came over and said they had found his keys when they were cleaning the chapel Saturday morning!! My prayer was answered! That is the first time I have had something like that happen to me and I was so grateful I immediatly said another prayer thanking Him for helping me!! After church, we said goodbye to Taz. He will be gone until next Saturday at Fiesta Island in San Diego to scout camp. This is a big step for him, his first one and gone all week from family. I never worried about Talon and Tanner at scout camps because Garry was always Scout leader and with them on ALL their camps. But he won't be going until Wednesday this week and Taz will be alone. I hope my second prayer is answered and he has a wonderful time and isn't too homesick.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer fun

Cynjyn took a three day art camp at Linda's house this last week. It was 2 hours a day and this is what she did. She saved her painting and gave it to dad for Father's day. He also got a new game: Lost Cities, (Tanner) some steak knives(Taz) and a $25.00 gift card to Olive Garden (Talon).

Cynjyn had friends over to swim on Monday and they took a break and did a little fashion show for us.

MaryAnn was here with her 4 year old girl swimming and said to her: "You dress up and play Princess when you're little, but when you get bigger, you dress up and play like this!" They had fun strutting around the pool all decked out and posing.

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The hearts of the Fathers

A little over a month ago, our ward Family History Rep met with the youth in the quorum presidencies and their parents in our homes to encourage the youth to get their own personal temple recommends and then go to the temple with their family to do baptisms for the dead. They are good for one year and he met with Taz, Garry and I. Taz was excited and immediately that next Sunday got his recommend. We encouraged Tanner to get his too and he did. Now they have a standard to live up to each year just beyond their conviction to be good, now they are temple recommend holders.

So, last Saturday, the Laurels were doing a class temple trip and asked Garry and Tanner to come a long since they hometeach one of the Laurels. Taz and I also came and we were able to baptize about 30 names my mom had given us plus Garry's mom and dad and sister. Taz was baptized for his grandpa and Tanner was confirmed for him. We had a laurel in our ward (Jessi Thomson) baptize his sister and mom and I was confirmed for them. It was an exhilarating experience. After the session, we ate with the Laurels in the cafeteria.

Taz now wants to go to St. George and do baptisms there and also in Boise sometime this summer. It's very satisfying to see your children so excited about temple work.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Our cultural week

The last day of school was June 9. We had tickets that night to see Little Mermaid at Tuachan in St. George on June 3 and then we were going to see Grease on June 9. We left late after Talon and Tiffany got off work, so we just made homemade sub sandwiches and ate a picnic up there while waiting for the gates to open. It was a breezy, cool wonderful evening.

After the show, we were going to drive home instead of spending the night so we stopped to get pictures with the cast. Taz's favorite was Ariel.

Garry and I loved Flotsam and Jetsom so they got their pictures with them too. Ursala was so cool, but wasn't out at the end for pictures.

We got home at 1:30 and Cynjyn had to be up and out the door by 8 am for roll call for the play Suesical that she was in. She was a bird girl and was in most of the scenes. She did great as did the whole cast. There were 6 girls from our ward in it so that made it super fun too.

Cynjyn had a couple of costume changes as she was a who and a fish and a jungle girl too.

They perfomed it at 11 and again at 1. It was really cute.
We got to St. George early for Grease, so we went to the Visitors Center at the temple and then ate at the Pizza Factory before the show.

We didn't bother getting pictures with the cast since it was the same cast, but we snapped one of the stage.

On Saturday, Cynjyn had an end of school pool party. I had Lindsey make a cake for it. I told her I wanted our pool and some girls playing around it. She did an ADORABLE job and I thought it turned out perfect. Better than I imagined. It was a yellow cake with bavarian cream filling and chocolate frosting. The girls loved it and were begging for body parts to eat!

Four more girls ended up showing up after this picture was taken. The party was from 11-2.

We had the girls bring snacks and fruit and we BBQed hamburgers and hotdogs and had some soda.

Taz was the lone boy and after ignoring them for a long time, he finally got in on the fun and food.

That night was our ward Luah. Tanner danced a ballroom number with two other couples and Tanner, Taz and Garry danced the Haka with the Young Men. Garry was pulled on stage with the bishopric to do a ball swinging thing impromptu and I danced a hula with the Young Women. I only got pictures of us at the end because I was video taping everything else.

Cynjyn brough Alexa and Rebecca to it. It was from 5-8 and it was really fun.

After the Luah, Talon, Tanner and Taz went to the school to play Capture the Flag with all the Young men. While there, Talon triped and fell and ended up at the ER on Sunday. He has a fractured wrist and has to wear this for 10 days.

I have really loved all the plays and fun things we've been to in the past two weeks.

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