Saturday, November 15, 2014

31 days hath October

This year as Garry set up the yard, he had to do a revamp on our little grave man.  He was in desperate need of new clothes and a better face.  So he spent a morning working on him and now he looks much better!
I participated in spirit week at school.  We had crazy hair day
Pajama day
Sports jersey day, and twin day which I didn't do because I had no twin.
Garry and I supported Taz and the band at the football games.
His class float won the best overall float for homecoming week.  It was an Alice in Wonderland theme.  Even though Taz didn't help with it, I thought it should be documented that it won!
...and he claims he doesn't want a dog...he's so good with them and they love him!

Cynjyn had Kandace and Becca sleep over and they took over the bonus room.
Garry had to get night driving glasses.  They also help him see the TV better if he's far away from it.
We got this cool kinetic sand at Michaels.  We leave it on our island and so many people play with it all the time.  It's been a great purchase!
Taz was eating a bowl of cereal...Talon said he made it look so good he had to have a bowl too!
Cynjyn got a card for Sean for his birthday.  Her and Garry spent a long time picking it out at Von's.  It played music when it was opened.
She considered being a Turtle for Halloween for a brief second!
Garry and I helped at the Silverado Showdown.  It's a big marching band competition that makes a lot of money for our schools band.  We usually work in the judges booth, but they changed the system this year so we ended up with Garry helping at parking in the morning and then both of us doing concessions in the afternoon to evening.  Garry wrapped burgers and hot dogs and I made nachos and hot chocolate all night.
They always have a delicious hospitality dinner for the helpers and band, but the band kids don't get it until everything is cleaned up and put away.  Taz always hurries to get that done.  I got him his dinner with mine this year so he wouldn't have to wait in the band line!
We got Bountiful Baskets this year and in it was a weird looking vegetable.  We thought it might be heart of celery.  So we each took a surprisingly tasted like black licorice.  We googled it and found out it was fennel.  We made everyone try it, then threw it away because we didn't know what to do with it.
I ordered four more stained glass stars for my window.  Two Halloween and two Christmas.  I love the packaging it came in.
and I super di duper love the new stars!!
Talon has Monday's and Tuesday's off.  He has been helping make dinners for us on some of those nights. 
Cynjyn had YW in Excellence and displayed her recipe book and pictures of her cooking all her meals.  It was a great night with an excellent speaker from another stake. 
Cynjyn and I were matching in our white shirts with blue stripes, so I HAD to take a picture of it.
Our stake did a dodgeball season.  Taz was only able to go to a few nights of it due to his club volleyball practices.  But our team is really quite good and is vying for 1st place in the tournament in a few weeks. 
His nonmember friends Ryan and Andrew are on the team and some other nonmember boys from school.
Boys sure do like dodgeball!
We love marching band season.  Especially Taz.  He is so busy during it, but when it's over he's sad because he likes it so much. 
Taz and a group of elders helped an older sister move into our ward one Saturday morning.  Such a good example of service.
Human foosball was an activity at one of the combined mutual nights.  By all accounts, it got a little crazy.
And that's only the first half of October.  More to come!

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