Thursday, November 20, 2014

October Part 2

 This year for the first time ever, I decided to do a student Halloween recital.  I had purchased some Halloween books and gave everyone a song to work on for the month.  Then on Friday, October 24 from 3:30-4:30, I had just the students come and they played their songs for one another.  They could dress up in their costumes if they chose and I made some Halloween treats for them.  Cynjyn was trying out eating the jelly donut with vampire teeth and it could not have turned out better if we planned it!
 We had some Rice Krispie ghosts and some Vamipire Krispy Kremes. 
 I made some Monster eyes, but the kids didn't like them too much. 
 I had some Doritos in a bow.
 And some cheese balls. 
 The kids all did great and they all said that they enjoyed themselves and want me to do it again next year, so I guess I'll take that as a success!
 Garry spent a couple of hours one day on his day off digging up a tree in the back yard.  We had looked into having a professional tree company take it out and it was going to cost $250!!  He did it for next to nothing (Had to buy a pole digger for $20) and some hard labor, but he was sure proud of himself.  We are going to replace it with a pomegranate tree in the spring.
 Cynjyn hid some cash in a paper tube in a jar and surrounded it with candy so it looked like a jar of candy for Sean for his birthday present.  On the tag she put something like There is hidden treasure in our  friendship.  He thought it was cleaver and enjoyed the gift. 
 The Sunday before Halloween, we carved some pumpkins for FHE activity.  We hadn't done that for a few years and it was a long time for them to sit out before Halloween (It's hot here and they don't last), but we had fun doing it.  we paired up and carved away.  Before:


 And lit up in the dark. 

 I had to make 40 invitations for our Stake Primary leadership meeting.  It was an I will go and do theme based off Nephi and so I made Liahona's.  They kinda looked like clocks, but I hope they got the Liahona idea and it was fun.
 I dressed up for Orange and Black day at school a few days before Halloween. 

Cynjyn had a band concert on October 29. 
The school's namesake Jack Lund Schofield came to support.  He has always been at these events, but this year he came in a wheel chair.  He's 92.  He's a great man and he always says positive, encouraging words to the kids and sings a song. 
It occured to me that Mr. Nekoba has taught everyone of our kids middle school band and I don't have many pictures of him.  Since this is Cynjyn's last year, I thought I'd better snap a picture.  He has always been a favorite teacher of each of my kids. 

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