Sunday, January 4, 2015

Miracles and words

In the past I have picked one little word to start my year off with. I don't recall doing it last year, but this year I've thought a lot about it. I wanted to come up with a motto rather than a word and the motto I chose is:
I really want to take this year to engage my life, not just live my life.  Engage:  Occupy, attract or involve.  Participate or become involved in.  I want to ENGAGE with my husband more.  I want to ENGAGE with my children more.  I want to ENGAGE with me more. I want to ENGAGE with my extended family more and I want to ENGAGE with my friends more.  We could all use more time engaging with each other.  It is such a world based on technology and we are fully engaged with our technological devices.  I believe that I use mine to document my family and our lives and record our histories, but still I am probably more engaged with my devices than with the actual people in them.  This year I will try to change that and be more engaged with humans than technology. At least this is the vision I see for myself.  So here's to 2015...I will be anxiously ENGAGED!

Now onto miracles:  Last Sunday Garry and Taz were going to take the Sacrament to a lady in our ward who is aged and not able to attend Sacrament meeting.  Taz decided to go to his friends ward after our Sacrament meeting to watch her perform in her meeting.  So Garry asked Tanner to go with him.  It was a super windy day and cold.  They bagged a piece of bread and set off to the house.  When they got there, the front door was wide open.  Now, it was a double door and the deadbolt was out, but the hook that combined the two doors together had come apart and the doors to the house were wide open.  Garry and Tanner could hear music playing.  They knocked and called out to the occupants but received no answer.  So they decided to go in and see if all was well. They searched the whole house and  although no one was home, nothing seemed amiss either.  So, they locked the house up and made sure the door was securely closed and headed home.  Garry called the house and left a message on the machine that they'd been there and hoped all was well when they returned.  Well, they had been out of town and they did return later that night and they were just so grateful that Garry and Tanner had gone over there. There is no way to know how long the door had been blown open, but we consider it a miracle that nothing bad happened while the house was exposed.  The lady said that they knew they were going to be out of town and had told someone to tell Garry that their mom wouldn't need the sacrament, but somehow that message didn't get relayed to Garry and we know it was the hand of the Lord protecting them and their belongings.  I am grateful that there are still miracles performed to day by ordinary people just trying to live their ordinary lives and do good things for others.


Carol said...

Engaged is a wonderful word! I love little miracles like this and what a blessing to have Garry and Tanner take care of their home.

Gwen Waite said...

Those people are very lucky that Garry, Tanner and The Lord were watching out for them!

Gwen Waite said...

I just spent an enjoyable half hour catching up on your blogs from the first of December!! I forget to look at them, but love them when I remember!! Your life is exciting and fun with your great family. I miss you all soooo much!!!