Thursday, January 15, 2015

Smile that frown away!

A few weeks ago I saw that Kim Kardashian said that she is seldom photographed smiling.  She posted a picture of herself and captioned it:  See I do smile...even laugh on occasion.  Not too often though because it causes wrinkles."  Well all I have to say to that is SAD.  I can't imagine a world without smiles!
Not the posed: here I'm going to take a unabashed SMILES!
The kind you can't hold back. 
Smiling for the sheer joy of the moment.
Smiling because of the experience you are having at any given time.
Smiling because you are surrounded by LOVE.
Smiling because you're off on adventures...into the unknown. 
Smiling because of a crazy thing you did.
Smiling because you're having a great time.
Smiling because someone is near you.
Smiling, holding nothing back because you are experiencing pure JOY.
Smiling because you are content.
Sharing a smile, creating a memory.
These are reason's to smile.  So I say forget about wrinkles...they will come don't pass up an opportunity to SMILE!
Share the joy...make someone's day...SMILE those frowns away!
Bring on the wrinkles!

Go ahead...make my day!!


Lindsay said...

LOVE this! I agree...smiling is the best, and I enjoyed seeing the smiles of you and your family through the years!

Gwen Waite said...

I love this blog--it makes me smile!!!😃😀