Thursday, February 26, 2015

The first of Big Days to come!

Wednesday, Feb. 4 was a great day at the Goon house.  Talon had been planning for about 4 months to propose to Mikel.  He finally cleared everyone's schedule and made a plan.  Cynjyn had given him several cute ideas and ultimately he decided to go with a trip down memory lane to a few of her favorite spots.  He told her to come over and Cynjyn met her outside in her car with the first clue.  Cynjyn also went tagged along to get photos of the "hunt".  The first clue read: 

This is a trip down memory lane
To take a look back at the joy we’ve both gained
But the future is bright, I’m willing to bet
So head to the place where we first met

They were off to Wells Fargo.

Clue 2:  When you walked in this place
My heart started to race
I wanted to take you out for a plate
Head to the spot of our very first date

This was the Spicy Tuna Sushi place.

 Clue 3: 

Our meal was spicy and turned up the heat
I knew that this moment just had to repeat
You are so cute, sexy, and sweet
Go and pick up your favorite treat
Go and order an El Rollo
Make it two, yolo

This was the Cupcakery

Clue 4: 

These cupcakes are pretty without a doubt
And like them, you’re beautiful inside and out
Your spirit has grown and tripled its size
So go to the place where you were baptized

This took her to the church where he had a vase of fresh flowers waiting for her.

Clue 5:

Sharing this moment with you, made me so glad
But I think greater moments are yet to be had
Together we can face life’s storms and bad weather
So head to the place where families are sealed forever
This took her to the temple where Talon and I were waiting.  I was just there to take pictures.  Talon was nervous, but when she showed up he had a little freak out and didn't know what to say and got a little tongue tied, but I guess he figured it out and said the right words. 
Because she said YES!!  It was fun and he was able to propose just as the sun was setting.  We took some pictures and then they were off to dinner. 
We are thrilled to have Mikel join our family and know she will be a great companion for Talon. 
I think the official date is April 16, 2015!!

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Gwen Waite said...

So cute and romantic!