Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My first paid gig!

Remember that fun little tea party I went to a few months ago? I spent most of the time talking to a new lady in our ward. Somehow it came out that I liked scrapbooking and dabbled with my own photography on the side.  Well, in January, she texted me asking me if I'd be interested in photographing her nephews wedding on Valentines Day. She explained that they were on a tight budget and coming in from Oklahoma for the big event.  Boy did it ever take me a long time to reply to that text.  I was so shocked that anyone would ask having never even seen any of my photos and I was scared to death to screw up someones big life event!  I typed a thank you but no text, but couldn't bring myself to send it.  I jokingly told my family that someone wanted ME to photograph their wedding.  Cynjyn gave me a great pep talk saying that she thought I was a great photographer and that I could do it and I should say yes! Everyone else thought I should give it a try to, so I erased the no and said yes.  Then I stressed and stressed for the next month over potentially ruining someones wedding with terrible photography!  Well, the big day came and somehow I survived.  I did have some pictures that didn't turn out so well, but I also had some good ones.  I ended up taking 780 photos of the evening.  In the end I gave them a disc with 79 edited photos for them to do as they please with.  Cynjyn went with me so I could check my metering and lighting on her and offered support.  We were there for two hours and just did the wedding portion.  Cari (the lady who hired me) did the reception.  So these are are few of the photos I ended up giving them:

I ended up doing some compilations of things like their decorations and the wedding party entrance and such.
I guess I was pleased with how things turned out and I hope they liked my work.  I am so glad it's over!

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Gwen Waite said...

They look good to me!!