Saturday, April 11, 2015

Good Mythical Morning birthday party

 Ryan, Andrew and Marcus all had a birthday within a week of each other.  Ryan and Andrews was actually April 3, so we had a little birthday party for them.  We decided to do a few Good Mythical Morning challenges.  Cynjyn wanted to join in on the fun, so she invited three friends over for the evening too!  Our first challenge was Sugar Free or Sugar:  We basically had the same food sugared and sugar free and gave them samples to taste and they had to decided what category it fell into.  We didn't give them the foods side by side, but rather at different times just to make it a little more difficult.  The foods/drinks:  Hot Fudge sauce, peanut butter cups, fudge stripped cookies, root beer and lemonade.  They did pretty good, no one got 100%, but several got 80% correct.  We wanted to make them feel good by starting with an easy game. 
 The next game was the Smellataster.  This is a hilarious game where we made some smell visors for everyone.  The premise: does smell affect your taste of a food?  So, we put something on their upside down visor to smell, then we put something in their mouth to taste and see if they could identify the food.  The first smell made Ryan gag! 
 This is what we did: 1.   Smell--Tunafish, Taste--Marshmallow  2.  Smell--dryer sheet Taste--Blue cheese stuffed Olive (This food item did not make it down ANYONE'S gullet and ended up in the garbage and had Emma sitting the rest of the game out!) Apparently the lovely smell of dryer sheets doesn't mask the awful taste of BCSO!! 3.  Smell--Liquid Smoke Taste--Gusher  4.  Smell--Cinnamon  Taste--Vienna Sausage 5.  Smell--Car Air Freshner Taste--Peanuts  6.  Smell--Gargonzola cheese Taste--Cutie. 
 The game was pretty funny and funny to watch.
 Then Ryan and Andrew took a break and went to Paige's house to go on a birthday treasure hunt and so Cynjyn, Adrienne, Emma and Trevor played some games to pass the time.
 When they got back we did the last game.  Talon specifically told us to wait for him to get home so he could see this we did. They paired up for this challenge.  Ryan and Andrew, Marcus and Charile, Taz and Michael.  Before you complain and say they are crazy...we used pasteurized eggs and there is a .01% chance you can get salmonella from a pasteurized egg!!
I held up a plastic Easter egg and they took turns guessing what was inside the egg.  If you guessed right, you got to eat an Easter goodie and your partner had to drink a raw egg.  If you guessed wrong the partner got the goodie and you had to drink a raw egg.  I had 6 filled eggs.  #1; Chinese Finger Trap or a Chinese Stress Ball.  #2: Hair from the bathroom sink or used dental floss. #3. Chewed piece of gum or old contact lense. #4. Wet feather or bacon grease #5.  Corroded battery or a rock. #6. 1/2 eaten piece of bread or a used piece of Kleenex. 
Andrew had to drink the first 4 eggs.  Ryan was talking smack to him, but then after Ryan drank his first egg, when it came down to downing his second, he couldn't do it and ended up over the toilet! Taz and Michael split with three eggs each and I don't recall how Marcus and Charlie faired.
Afterwards, they weren't feeling too well and ended up playing with Chinese Finger Traps!

All but Charlie, he was still enjoying the Easter goodies.

The boys spent the night and asked if we could heat the pool during the night so they could enjoy a morning swim.  We obliged!

Egg Challenge Highlights  Watch this video on YouTube of the egg challenge.  It's pretty funny.

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