Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Gang's all here!

Spring was in the air the last full week of March.  My family had their Spring Break a week before ours and they all loaded up and came down to Vegas for a visit.  It was a great week.  I took the week off from work and piano lessons and really enjoyed spending my down time with everyone.  I was so glad we convinced my sister to come down with her baby Annalyn.  She was just a delight...really the perfect baby.  Happy with anyone of us, smiling and curious the whole day.  She almost never cried or got upset.  It was so fun having a baby in the house and we really only had to baby proof our fireplace front by moving the plants and easel that was on it so she could climb up onto it.  It was the perfect height for her to exercise her legs on!

We didn't do much which is just how I like it.  Taz had three games that week, so everyone was able to go support him in those matches which he really loved and appreciated.  Kres and Beckham took full advantage of the pool and Kres braved the 60 degree pool while the rest of us enjoyed the 95 degree hot tub!  We did try to heat the pool one day for him which he managed to convince Talon to swim with him, but the weather was cool and windy, so it didn't get very warm.
 Our other adventures included Popped, the frozen popcorn place, playing a lot of games, going to Nathan Burton's afternoon magic show, and taking crazy selfies with my new selfie stick.  The last night they were here, Dad took us all to Fiesta Buffet for dinner.  It's always sad when they have to pack up and go home and it makes me long for the opportunity to live closer to family!  Luckily the next week for us was our spring break, so we had a week to recover from all the late nights and fun times!

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