Monday, May 4, 2015

Prom 2K15

Prom happened early this year it seemed. April 18 was the date. It was an interesting experience.  It took Taz FOREVER to decide how he was going to ask Brynna.  We gave him soooo many suggestions and He procrastinated forever.  Finally he had a ball plan. Literally a plan that involved balls...a soccer and volleyball to be exact since that is their chosen sports.  He had Ryan and Andrew coming over to help him.  They were all unsure of the plan and so at the last minute they changed it to a plan Talon had suggested.  They made these letters and within an hour it was happening.  Tanner, Talon, Me, and Garry all drove a car.  Somehow, they got Brynna and Kayla to be outside there was dark.  Tanner started 1st.  He drove by with the P...his window was rolled down and he was holding the sign against the car with a mini flashlight illuminating it.  Then Talon drove by with the R, then me with the O then Garry with the M.  Then coming down the street rather quickly was Ryan driving Andrew and Taz in the back of his truck with the ?  When that was all done, they boys came back in  front of the house and Taz and Andrew jumped out and Taz said: "We'd hate to see Prom drive by without you!" 
 Taz was asking Brynna and Andrew asked her twin, Kayla.
 I always forget about the corsage, so again I made it.  I started the day before by getting the supplies and  then made it Saturday.  I made the bout also. 

I thought they turned out pretty.
There is always a big group picture taking session and this year, Taz told me that Amelia was going to be the official photographer and get pictures out to everyone, so I really didn't need to go.  I thought that was a great idea.  But of course a lot of other mothers were there too.  I didin't go.  Jen did, she got these cute pictures of these two best friends!!
She also snagged a photo of the church buds that have been together since Kindergarten!
Ryan had a big plan for everyone to wear white tux's.  No one liked his plan!  But he looked great!.  Taz wore his tux we bought him last fall and a black shirt he inherited from Tanner and we bought him a silver tie.  He looked sharp!
They had a good group again and everyone looked beautiful.  Alexis aunt, Chris went to take pictures for Lex and since Chris is a soccer mom and Brynna plays soccer, Brynna's mom asked Chris to take a few picture for her.  Chris is a photographer by trade and it was very generous of her to snap and edit some pictures for us. 

She did a group shot (above) and these below. Brynna and Taz and Andrew and Kayla
We really loved these she took of Taz and Brynna. They really looked great together.
One of the boys parents paid for this hummer limo to take them to the dance.  Yes, they actually went to the dance!  They didn't get the formal picture at the dance, the line for it was too long, but they did do the photo booth at the dance.

After the dance, they went to Robbie Richardson's house for an ice cream bar and movie.  Taz said he had a great time and was glad he went even though it was a hassel getting there!!