Friday, June 19, 2015

When mom's away, the kids will play

Remember I told you that all of us except Taz and Alexis went on a hike Sunday morning when we were camping. Well apparently they went on their own little hike.  Ours was too easy because it was a trail...they needed something more fierce.  They hiked up above our campground basically straight up the mountain, with no trail.  Thanks to Alexis for making Taz take pictures along the way.  I had threatened them that if they did anything fun while we were gone, they'd better document it!!  Here they are climbing up.

Taking selfies at the top.

Look  mom how high we are!
Meanwhile, Cynjyn was having a great time at the 8th grade dance.  Here they three amigos are on their way to the school.
The ticket.
Hanging out at the dance.
Snapchatting it all.
Fun with the boys.
The next day she headed off to Disneylan!!
Ms. Richie photobombed Cynjyn and Kaela's snapchat.
Cynjyn is in the very back!
Lovebug is Cynjyn's name for Norma on her phone.
She took a picture of the castle all decked out for the 6oth anniversary celebration.

And a photo with her all time favorite Disney character!!
Cynjyn is in the back once again.
And finally, her good friend Danielle made sure she had somewhere to celebrate on Memorial Day...that would be at Danielle's house for swimming and a BBQ!
 And finally, Taz had to take Cynjyn to a dance rehearsal at the Cashman Center.  They got there a half an hour early since they gave themselves plenty of time as it was there first time going there.  Since they were so early and the Old Mormon Fort was right next door...they went on a little tour of it!!  I know nothing about what's in these pictures and why they took them, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

 I do know that they saw these coins and took the picture just for grandma and grandpa because they know they like old coins and they've ingrained that into them so they like them now too!

And that's how the kids play when mom's away!!

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