Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dance the night away

Cynjyn took three dance classes this past year. She had two ballet and a hip hop class.  She's not a big fan of ballet, but realizes that it's good for the body.  She is at a high enough level that she had to have two ballet classes a week as that is the policy of the studio.  Her recital was June 15 and 16.  She was in one dance number on Monday and all three classes dances on Tuesday.  It was at Cashman Center.  We all met up there for her performances.  Tanner, Taz and Garry came straight from their respective work and we all gave Cynj our support.  The number she performed both nights was from her ballet 2-3 class.  It was a 15 min. performance that included all levels of ballet and choreographed by her teacher.  It was a can-can dance and Cynjyn's portion lasted about 2-3 of those 15 min.  They did not take professional pictures of this class/costume.  So when she gets back from her summer adventure, we are going to do a photo shoot in that outfit.  In the meantime, here is a picture she had her friend snap even though she has her hip hop jacket on. 
She did her own hair and makeup for both shows.
She's really good at that.  Her hip hop costume is a little skimpy, but luckily they zip up the jacket!
Her performance was done by half time so Tanner and Taz left.  Garry and I stayed the whole time.  When we got home, her friends and YW leader from church had left flowers on the doorstep with a note telling her that they hoped she did awesome!.  She was feeling loved.
The second night was her big night.  She spent a long time getting ready in our bathroom. 
Make up and hair was quite the production.  She had a ton of bobby pins in that bun to keep it all intact especially during her hip hop performance. 
I went in to get ready by combing my hair for the day.  It was the least I could do. 
Then I figured I should put on a little makeup since she was getting all beautified.
She managed to get her fake lashes on today.  She glued her eye shut the day before and gave up. 
After a great performance, she came home not in the least bit tired and ate some string cheese to calm down.  The whole show was long each night starting at 6:30 and going until 9:30.  But it was worth it because she was so good and so fun to watch!!
I made these two layouts with the professional pictures that we had taken.  She is beautiful at ballet, but excels at hip hop.  She's got rhythm!!

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Gwen Waite said...

I am so excited for her. She is smart, beautiful, talanted , and spiritual! What a combination! Go Cynjyn!