Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Random January

Becca's birthday is January 7. Her mom and sisters decided to surprise her with a quick trip to California.  They invited Cynjyn along.  Her Disneyland pass was expiring in February, so we let her go even though it was the middle of a school week.  Of course she had a great time. 
Garry got a salad spinner and loved playing around with it!
Each month as a stake primary presidency, we go to the 10 different wards in our stake for their ward conference.  We do sharing time for the ward primary's.  This year as a stake presidency, we decided to focus on reverence.  I found a story about some very unreverent girls who learned how to be more reverent by catching butterfly's.  So I was nominated to whip up a handout.  I made butterfly wands for the presidencies to use to remind the kids to be more reverent and I made a handout that each kid will receive with a quote:  "Reverence is more than just quietly sitting, it's thinking of Father above" and they will each get their own smaller butterfly attached to that.

We went out to Nevada Chicken Cafe with friends for a dinner date night.
I took the kids to lunch during mid term finals week where we all get out early and it has become tradition now.  It was Taz's turn to choose and he chose Claim Jumper.
Garry had his annual work party dinner which is always nice and they always take a group photo.

Garry and his priest went to the hospital to visit an elderly lady in her 90's that they always take the sacrament to each Sunday.  Apparently they sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again to her and it was lovely.  They received a nice thank you from her daughter. 
 Cynjyn has a core group of besties that she always has a good time with especially at band.
Garry was a trouper and BBQ'd in the rain after church one day.
 Lex came over to have her and Taz try on their Sadies outfits.
 Tanner got promoted at work.  He is now a CSM (customer service manager).  It came with a $4/hour raise and he is excelling at it!
 Cynjyn is in the throws of Flag Football and doing great at it.  She is a blocker for the offense and plays every game.
 She has also become the new haircutter for Taz and his friends.  Ryan is a great customer. 
And that is our random January.

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