Monday, April 4, 2016

Present Participle April 2016

Present Participle list:
Stressing a lot with everything that has to be done in the next few weeks.  We are in the throws of wedding readiness and trying to get Taz's mission papers ready to be submitted.  I feel the time crunch.  There is so much to do still with prepping for food and finalizing decorations and ordering things, but it will all work out and be great I'm sure.  then there are Dr appointments, and passport appointments and forms to be filled out so that we can submit Taz's papers by April 15...

Lamenting over The Walking Dead season finale.  Let's just say, we've been expecting Negan all season, but really not wanting him to show up.  Since we are readers of the comics, we can only hope the writers veered off them and chose a different character's demise from Lucille. 

Enjoying spring.  I'm in love with the weather and the green sprouting on all over.  After working out on the treadmill all of February and March, I ventured outside this morning for my walk and really really liked it.

Loving volleyball season.  With it being our last year for High School volleyball, we are loving seeing the boys play.  It's bitter sweet knowing that it is our last season of watching a family member play.  But we will soak in every moment and love it.

Reading two books at the moment:  Rumble a NYR book for 2015 about a teenage boy who doesn't believe in God and Calvin about a teenage boy who thinks Bill Waterson needs to write one more episode of Calvin and Hobbes so that his imaginary friend Hobbes will stop bugging him,.

Wishing that my family will always be happy and healthy and full of love for each other, but isn't that what any mother would wish for?

Working on edits from our San Fransisco adventure and getting recital songs ready for my piano students.  Still plugging away at Cannon.

And that is what is happening presently, here, right now.

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