Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Adventures in La Grande

Most of our adventures were in La Grande.  We always love meeting the horses that Grandpa is housing for the summer.  Grandma always comes through with a bag of carrots for their pleasure.
Annalyn loved them and had no fear of them like she did last year.
This one was super curious and always wanted to sneak into the barn when we were trying to get the four wheelers out. 
We had a sad moment while in La Grande.  My uncle Reed passed away from injuries sustained from a 4 wheeler accident.  We got to La Grande on Friday and his funeral was on Saturday.  I will do a whole post a little later dedicated just to him, but for now...Cynjyn was helping Ky get ready for that.
Everyone was looking so nice and Kres was excited to find out that so many of Taz's friends were in band.  He had just started playing the clarinet, so we wanted a photo of him with fellow band members. 

We so enjoyed being able to be outside all day, so much time was spent on the porch enjoying one another's company and watching the senior boys have fun.  Grandma is speading baking soda to get rid of some ants.
The three granddaughters!
Sunday dinners found us bursting at the seams in the dining room, but that makes it fun!
Beckham enjoying his quiet time so much that he fell asleep.  This was a day his mom went to Boise to take his dad home and came back the same day.
We decided to take a drive this particular Sunday and show the boys some of the beautiful sights of the valley mom  and dad live in.  These were photos that they took on the drive.  They were obsessed with the sunsets.  They are so beautiful and mesmorizing that you can't help but draw in a breath when you see them. 

After our drive, we stopped at the park.  You see dads septic tank overflowed and we were not able to use the bathroom for a couple of days.  So on our way home, we stopped at the park for everyone to use the bathroom.  They got side tracked with the swing and playground.  The septic tank problems also had us using the showers at the stake center.  Luckily they were like gym showers and the boys loved it because it didn't take over an hour for 6 boys to shower in one bathroom like at home.  So even after the septic tank was fixed, they continued to go the the church to shower. 

Cynjyn of course was taking an online school class.  US History and we had to go to the family history center a lot to work on their computers because it was easier than at grandma and grandpa's house with slow internet. 
Adorable Annalyn was with us all summer.

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