Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Marley Creek

This place is by far our favorite thing to do when we go to La Grande. The beauty of it is just astounding. Andrew must have taking 50-100 photos of the sky alone.  His phone died early because he took so many.  He couldn't believe it was real.  He thought it was somehow Photo shopped.  I believe Heavenly Father is the master of Photoshop!  We stopped at the old barn on Eric's property first.  They had to hop the fence to explore the beauty.

Brother's for life.

We loaded up the truck and headed down the lane.
Some boys rode the 4 wheeler while the rest hopped in the back of the truck.

We did some rifle shooting first with the clay pigeons.

The boys paired up and took three shots each.  Marcus and Michael
Andrew and Ryan
Taz and Charlie

Cynjyn and I were excellent spectators.  Cynjyn didn't want to shoot the rifles, but she did the shoot the shotguns.
I was happy to take pictures.  Grandpa supervised and decided whose shot hit the pigeon first.
4 wheeling down the lane and up Beckham lane is always a blast.
Beckham chillaxin.
Annalyn was easy to please, she just liked to pretend she was driving.

They had to ride in two's to maximize everyone having a ride.
Cynjyn loved being the pro and showing those boys how to ride and where to go.
Up on top did not disappoint in beauty.

Some of us stayed at camp and got the fire ready.  Kres and Ky spent a long time nursing that fire.
It never really took off until Taz came and gave it a go.
Once again Annalyn was his little helper.
Grandma is an excellent picnic maker and this was no exception.  We had chicken and broc and potato salad and beans and brownies.

Us big kids stayed around the fire talking as the boys went Crawdad hunting.  Taz wanted each one to catch a crawdad and then they were going to take them home and eat them.
They all caught at least one!

 We packed up and headed out to see the elk.
 They were right at the beginning of the lane and we were able to stop and watch them and listen to them.  They took off and we headed to the meadow and
 Got to watch them cross the road right in front of us and say them separate and heard the cows calling to their calves.  It was perfect.

 We got into town late and boiled some crawdads.

 A perfect ending to a perfect day.

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