Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ward Party

At trunk or treat, Dave Hill pulled me aside and asked Garry and I to be on the committee for the ward Christmas Party coming up in December. We said yes and a few weeks into November, we had a meeting.  Jodi Thomson was in charge.  She had a vision.  She put Garry and I over decorations, Vans and Valles over food, Barlows and Bakers over the program.  We decided on the theme Light of the World and blue (dark and light) and silver as the color theme.   I immediately had ideas and started to work on it.  I wanted snowflakes and lanterns.  Cynjyn taught me how to fold and away we went.
I originally wanted to do 50 blue and 50 white.  But I ended up settling on 40 blue and 4 white. 
I begged borrowed and stole for lanterns and got to work making them up.  I only ended up having to buy 6 of my own.  I was decorating 25 tables. 
We got the snowflakes done and boxed up the night before we were decorating. 
We set up on a Thursday night.  I had a Stake Primary meeting that I had to speak at 6:30-7:30, but we started setting up at 5 and so I was in and out that night.  We got done around 10. 
I bought these two stars from IKEA and Stephanie Baker had the material that she let us borrow. 
I set these up on either side of the stage and put two of my nativities on them surrounded by lit candles. 
This nativity was in the entryway as the guests walked in.
The lanterns looked beautiful on the tables with the battery operated twinkle lights in them.  I had light blue and silver sparkly, glittery tulle underneath them and sprinkled dove and Hershey candy around them. 
I had bought brown package wrapping paper and had the Valles put this stable up while I was at my meeting.  We used our star.
I couldn't help taking photos of those lanterns, they were so beautiful.  We had our 4 halogen lamps in each corner of the room and that and the lanterns were the only lights beside the spotlight we had on Jesus and the stable on the stage.

We had the primary children color white lunch sacks and put a battery tea light in them and lit the path into the church. 
It turned out just like I planned and it was beautiful. 
We had Diana's homemade Italian food:  Chicken Marscapone and baked ziti and garlic cheese bread and Cesar salad.  We had everyone bring a dessert to share.  We also had a kid table of chicken nuggets, tator tots, goldfish and grapes and apple slices.  After dinner, we watched a video from and sang a few songs and it was over.  Another ward was having their party the next night and wanted our tables, chairs, stable and snowflakes, so clean up was super easy and we were cleaned up and home by 9:00pm!!  What a whirlwind few days it was, but I survived (had a bad back through the whole thing, wearing a brace and having it kill me by the end of each night!.)but it was worth it!

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