Wednesday, January 25, 2017

December Little Things

Cynjyn was so excited, yet nervous to take her drivers license test.  The night before she and Garry spent filling out forms and recording driving hours. 
She did a few things wrong, but enough right to pass on her first try!  We were all so very excited.  It was really weird the next morning as she drove herself to seminary and home from school.  She is my baby, so it is bitter sweet that I will never have to do a carpool again, or pick her up from school, or get her to a friends house, but boy is it nice that I will never have to do a carpool again, or pick her up from school, or get her to a friends house! 
Now that it is basketball season, she has been performing at a lot of the half times.  This one, they wore a really cute Santa suit and danced to a Christmas song.  It really was super cute.
December brings cooler temps, so we actually experience fall here.  I loved the trees in the are finally changing color!

I made treats for my piano recital to give to the students. 

I thought they turned out cute.

The Spanish Branch in our ward doesn't have any one that admits to playing the piano or organ.  So I have been going to their ward during our second hour and playing the piano for their primary. I started about last September basically and committed to playing for them through their program which was in December.  Since I was already going to be there, they asked me if I could play the organ for sacrament meeting too.  I said yes and practiced a lot.  I was really not confident at all, but I did play the opening and sacrament song.  Since I was already at the piano at the end, I just played the piano for the closing song. 
Beautiful sunset!
Garry changing the bulbs in the kitchen.
My holiday recital.  We didn't have a lot of people this year.  It seemed like people ended up leaving early.  So we had a lot of leftovers, but it was another successful recital.  I am taking a break this spring from duets.  This December one about killed me because the kids just weren't practicing enough and I really didn't thing they were going to pull it off, but then managed to.
We made some chocolate muffins for Cynjyn's dance secret sister.
I loved getting Taz's old MTC name tag.  I turned it into an ornament and tried it out in a couple of spots on the tree before I found the perfect look.

Cynjyn kept up her hair cutting skills and cut Tanner's hair before he headed off to San Francisco for his old roommate Mac's wedding where he was his best man.
He flew out Friday morning and the wedding and reception were all day Saturday and then he flew back Sunday.  He was supposed to fly out at 9 am, but all the flights were delayed or cancelled due to bad weather in the midwest.  They told him the soonest flight they could get him on was Tuesday morning.  He went on stand by and finally got a 6 pm flight home.  It was a long day for him.

Cynjyn and Kayla had a grand time picking out and buying gifts for the people in their group of soccer friends.

Beautiful rainbow that lasted all day and was a double rainbow at times.  I couldn't stop taking photos of it.

I went to Talon's house on his bday to say hi.
Garry helped him install his ceiling fans.  We helped him with two and then he easily did the rest.
Got to see my cute little pets, Bagherra and Bentley.

And that's what I want to remember about December.

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Krissy said...

Tell your sons they need to share their news a little more! I didn't know anything about the wedding Tanner was in and I still haven't seen pictures of Talon and Mikel's house since they have moved in! That's fun that you are playing for the Spanish ward. Has it increased your Spanish skills?