Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ugly Sweater 2016

Jay and Andrea hosted their annual Ugly Sweater Party again this year.We scoured the internet and found what we were going to do this year and we began working on it early December.  We got the sweaters at Goodwill and Garry made the pattern. 

We found foam stickers at the Dollar Store and were up early one Saturday morning working on them.

I thought it turned out cute!
They were stand alone sweaters...

Or stand together sweaters!

Everyone brought their favorite appetizers or desserts to share, so we ate first.  We sat with the Hills and the Stanleys.

Some people only stayed for a short while.  But those of us who were still left headed to the family room for some games.  Before dinner, the Shafer's had hidden 15 ornaments (I can't remember what they were exactly, but they were all the same thing) around the house and we had to search for them and say where they were while we were waiting for dinner. Then we played Chubby Bunny.  Most of us got 4-6 marshmallows in our mouth.

I think Garry got 7.

But Bishop Whipple got 13!!!  Now he couldn't say Chubby Bunny after 9 or so, but he wanted to keep going to see how many he could actually fit in his mouth!
These were the couples to the bitter end:  Whipples, Crane's, Stanley's. Thatcher's us and Shafers. We also played 2 truths and a lie and a couples race where we had to put an ornament between us without using our hands and hook it onto a strung string. 

We reclaimed the trophy from the Thatcher's and now have to keep it for the year, add something to it and bring it back next year.

We had a great time and it was fun getting to party with some other couples from Shafer's new ward that we didn't know so well.