Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sadies 2K17

Cynjyn decided to invite Trevor Close to Sadies this year. She was so excited to go after seeing three older brothers experience High School dances, she was finally old enough. She was going with a group from church.  She knew exactly how she wanted to ask him.  He loves the movie Suicide Squad and especially the Joker and Harley Quinn.  So she went right to work early in January by starting a Harley Quinn hammer. 

She spent a whole day on it and this is how far she's looking pretty good!
Another day, she enlisted Tanner's help with gluing the foam down, as it was a two person job.

It was also a two person job wrapping the pole with the black duct tape. 
After several days and several was done!  It turned out adorable!!

She made a poster and we ding dong ditched him one Sunday after church.  Her and Tanner went and set up the door and then she rang the bell and they ran to the get away car I was driving.  When she got in the car she said she wasn't sure she heard the bell ring, so we drove around the block and came back and sure enough, the stuff was still she had to do it again!!
 He got it!

He ding dong ditched her answer the next night!

The actual day of the date was February 18.  The girls took three cars, she was in the car with Maggie and Jaden.  It had been pouring rain all day that day and was still raining when they got to the park for pictures. 
We did photos at Sunset Park at 3:30.  It was a semi covered playground, but it was still wet and cold.  But inspite of all that, the pictures turned out cute and they had a fun time.
We decided on three "couple" poses before hand and so it went pretty fast. 
We also had some group photos in mind too.  Danielle Tanner and Tanner Jenkins, Emma Jex and Dylan Marshall, Maggie Thatcher and Jaden Mohler, Cynjyn and Trevor Close, Savannah Robinson and Quinton made up the group.
Funny story about this photo.  We tried a lot of jumping ones, but Savannah just couldn't time her jumping, so I cropped her out of another jumping photo and added her to this one.
I couldn't work my magic with this one though!  It's still cute.
We did some Vader photos as couples and
a ground pound one. 
The playground just happened to have these 5 circles on it and they made for a good photo shot of the group. 

After photos, they went to an escape room and finished it with 10 minutes to spare and then to Toni's house for a mystery dinner that was served in 4 courses.  Then they went to DQ and got some dessert and then they came to our house and played some games.  They did that game say anything where you put a dental thing in your mouth and try to say a phrase and they played Curses, then Body Body.  They left at 11:45 and everyone was home by midnight.  I think it was a perfect first Sadies.

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