Friday, March 24, 2017

January little things

We started our year off playing Suspend. It was a new Christmas game and Cynjyn will play it!

Cynjyn felt sick the night before school started and so I was able to make her a Dr appt for the next morning and the result came back negative that she had a bladder infection, but she did have to get a shot and the Dr sent her down to the lab to get bloodwork since she hadn't had it done for awhile.

She also showed some school spirit with cool lip stick.

Tanner had been sporting a little beard since no shave November.  Kres and Beckham didn't like it and he finally shaved it off.  They told him he looked like Link.  (From Good Mythical Morning)

The west got bombarded with a heck of a lot of snow this winter.  Mom kept posting pictures of the snowgedden 2K17.  This was a drift in front of their garage.

She was freezing and sent us a photo of her all bundled up inside her house with the heat on! (No she is not a homeless lady haha)
This was the drifts in the back yard they covered the picnic table.
I got a new craft toy and enjoyed using it to finish my December Daily album.  It is a fuser that fuses my plastic pages together so I can make any size pocket I want anywhere.
Cynjyn performed at the basektball games throughout January.  It was super fun to go watch her.
Tanner and I finally took finishing his birthday puzzle seriously and spent a good portion of our days working on it.

We got it done and the last piece was missing!  argh!  We found it a couple of weeks later way under the couch. Actually Bagherra found it and was playing with it and brought it out from under the couch!

Cynjyn had her first real guy ask her out date.  Trevor took her to Canes and then to Rogue One which was hilarious because she has NEVER seen a Star Wars movie! and then to DQ for dessert.  They had fun.
Tanner, Garry and I went to Muligan's which is a little bar/restaurant by us.  Lyric raves about it and their family goes there all the time, so we went.  We ordered a cheese enchilada as an appetizer to share (always trying to find a good enchilada comparing it to El Erradero is hard though) and then I got a chimi and Garry got chicken fried steak and Tanner got beef enchiladas.  Tanner and Garry did not like it and I really enjoyed my chimi.
Cynjyn worked on Sadies invite a lot but that info is all in the sadies post.

I was in charge of a ward service project in October and it was for the Lullaby Connection which provides kits for newborn babies with mothers who don't have much to give them.  I collected donations and delivered them.  Our YM/YW made fleece blankets for them after I had already delivered the donated stuff, so with the holidays and Darla (the owner) being gone until the middle of January, I finally got around to delivering them to her.
Garry sealed Tanner's puzzle and we put it up upstairs.
I enjoyed decorating my mantle for January.  I do snowmen and snow flakes and this year I got some cute woodland animals from Pier One on clearance that I added to my decor.

Tanner is back in college and started full time this January. 
More snow from Mom and Dad's house.
They had an injured hawk on their porch and Trampis called fish and game and they came and got it.
These three came over one day after mid terms to hang out.  There was a lot of laughing and Youtube watching
and then they just all crashed on the couch and slept the afternoon away.
We did to to our traditional last day of finals lunch at Outback (Cynjyn gets to choose all by herself now since she's the only  one left in HS and she was kind enough to invite Tanner and Talon along)
Darla at Lullaby Connection took this photo of us with our donation and sent it to me.
Garry and I went to his annual Arcata Employee Appreciation dinner.
And we ended up our month with a surprise joint birthday party for Bill and Debbie Witt.  Jessica threw it and it was us, Miranda's and Taylors and we had a great time and were able to really surprise them. We had carne asada and chicken tacos and Nothing Bundt cake and played some fun group games.
This is my aunt Debbie's house.  The ward came and shoveled her out of her house.
This is what it looked like when he opened her front door.
And a front view of her house!  I can't even imagine!
I asked for a new ice cream maker for Christmas and Krissy got us one.  Mine had been broken for a few years.  So one Sunday I tried out some licorice ice cream and it turned out terrific.  It tasted so good! We were all so happy.
We decided as a stake primary presidency this year to do our ward conference visit sharing times on putting on the Armour of God.  So I made us a visual to take with us and it has removable Armour.
Cynjyn is taking child development and they had to make a flour sack baby to carry around.  We borrowed a onesie from Mikel and she made it in class.  It was adorable.
She really wanted this giant panda for Valentines day and so i told her to post a photo of it on social media and maybe one of the many boys who like her would take the hint and get it for her...Trevor came through and even though it was a different not so big panda,she was still happy.
Tanner found a raccoon out fit and had to get it for his new nephew!
Cynjyn and Maggie were bored one night so they got together and I suggested they each make a different cupcake and then take it around to friends and make a tally of which one they liked best. 
They both ironically chose a choc cupcake with salted caramel frosting.  Maggie's was salted pretzel caramel frosting.  They worked hard at making them.
They turned out really cute. And then they were off to different people's houses for the taste test.  Cynjyn ended up winning 8-5.  I liked Cynjyn's best, and Tanner liked Maggie's best.  I think they had fun.
Tanner and I played an Organ Piano duet for Sacrament meeting.  It was All Creatures of our God and King and it was beautiful!
Trampis and Ella were trying to clear the driveway to mom and dad's garage, but it had turned into ice and they were cutting out giant ice chunks. 

The dance team did a mini hawk camp to raise money for their Disneyland trip and Cynjyn got three recruits: Madeline, Emma and Courtney to attend. The culmination was dancing at the basketball game.  It was really cute!

And that is our January in a nutshell...albeit a big nut!

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