Tuesday, May 23, 2017

February Little Things

Time to get serious and get my blog caught up. I know not a lot of people read it anymore, but I love having this little part of the internet with my story on it. I still get my blog printed into a book every year too, so I have a written record of our lives. So with that being said, here is February Little Things I don't want to forget...little snippets of life. 
I'm still keeping my plant alive I got for Christmas, this is a first for me, keeping an orchid for more that a few weeks alive!  Also, Cynjyn had New Beginnings and talked at it.  She did a great job as usual.
She has been "supervising" some dates with Jaden and Maggie.  They mostly just watch movies here. 
I turned my lanterns into Valentine decor.  I am loving having these from the wedding to work with and I love creating the different holiday lanterns.

Andrea planned a surprise birthday party for Jay and we all met at Table 34 for dinner.  Jay walked in and saw us first and was thinking how cool to see friends at a random restaurant, then he saw the rest of us and realized it was a birthday surprise!  It was us, Stanley's, Thatchers, Cranes and Hills.  We went back to their house for dessert after dinner.
February means spring for us and Garry was doing some yard work.
I decided to wash the backyard windows while he was doing that. Our squeegee didn't work too well and we had some streaks, but as least I tried.
I believe I took this photo because of my frustration in the island always being cluttered.  I can clean it off everyday and still there is a cluttered mess on it!
Spring is in the air, the popcorn is popping!!
I was at Talon and Mikel's and randomly found this photo on their table, so I snapped a picture of it. 
Mom still sends her traditional Valentines in the mail with $2.00 bills for everyone.

I left some little Valentine gifts on the island for Tanner and Cynjyn to wake up to.
Cynjyn got Heart Attacked by the YW, she's pretty sure it's because they think she is inactive because she doesn't go to too many Tuesday night activities.
She got some Valentine goodies from Trevor.
This is how she spends most of her afternoons, Sleeping after eating a snack.
She wanted to play hide and go seek in the dark for Sadies, so Garry made some window coverings with boxes and was putting them up on all the tall windows with Tanner's help. 

These were a little tricky.

Spirit week at school, cowboy vs alien

Band buddies Vanessa and Cynjyn

Dance buddies, Noelle and Cynjyn and Lexi
The band walked to Schofield to play for them and C took this picture of the walk. I thought it was pretty cleaver.
I took Valentine down and put up St.Patricks

More lantern love.

Linda got me this apron for my birthday.  We kind of do a little gift exchange.  Her bday is the 16th and mine is the 20th.  I love it!
Cynjyn, Garry and Tanner making sushi (Rice Krispy) rolls for a sign for Eric so she can ask him to Sadies.
We had finished dinner and I told Tanner and Cynjyn to look like they were eating because I hadn't taken a picture of the day yet, it cracked them up!
My Sunday evenings are spent watching The Walking favorite TV show.
Garry bought a new carpet cleaner.  I made him try it out on a stain in the Living Room.  It worked pretty good!
Over ripe bananas means...banana bread.
Super Bowl Sunday preparations.
Way more food than we need
but that's what we do on SB Sunday!
Cynjyn called making dessert because she wanted to know how I made the berry puffs.
I love seeing the turtles at Star Nursery.
Garry and I have been doing a lot of initiatories lately.  We did a bunch of baptism's and confirmations before Taz left, and now we need to catch up with initiatories and then the slow process of endowments. But we keep plugging away at it.
Cynjyn and the dance team started performing at the basketball half time shows.
Tanner always just randomly lays down and thinks it's comfy to put his arm up?!
I'm still obsessed with sunsets, but our house is in a terrible area to capture them.  I keep trying though.

YW/YM recognition dinner for those that earned Eagles or Medallions in 2016.
And finally, we made it to the Sweetheart ball at the stake center.  We'd gone out to dinner at Carraba's with Hills, Stanley's, Osburns, Wikles and Thatchers, Witt's and Shafers.  Some of us ended up at the ball.  After pictures, the Wikles came over and we played games.

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