Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jaxon readiness

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jaxon, but as you know, it takes a lot of work to get ready for a new little one to enter your life.
Talon enlisted our help with a project he wanted to do for the nursery.  He bought these wood planks and stained a few of them a dark blue.  He had them all laid out in his loft kind of how he wanted them on the wall.
He prepped by measuring and taping.
Garry cut the planks to the right size.  The fur babies were obsessed with watching him!
Talon got a nail fun and boy was it fun.  Garry was a little green with envy over that new tool of Talon's.
A lot of measuring and thinking was involved.

Almost done and we've managed to use almost every piece.

 We had to take a short break to go take Cynjyn's Sadies photos, but it was basically done in a day.
 These three were the hard workers.
 I handed the planks off and kept everyone company.
Later in the month, Mikel's mom came into town and threw her a baby shower.  I was in charge of making the prizes for the game.

 It was cute and there ended up being a lot of people in their house at it.

 If you brought diapers, you got your name in a raffle for the grand prize.
 The office was set up to make onesies.
 They had a lot of food and visiting.  At the end them opened presents.
 There was  a little snafu with the cake.  It slid in the box it was in and a couple of layers broke in half.  but the people fixed it and it was cute.
 The excited parents to be.
 Decorating onesies.

Now we are all really excited for the new arrival!

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